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2014.01.03 09:27 Mad_Economist Cabal PC Building Services

The cabal provides complete, no nonsense, ready to buy computer parts lists that will give you the most performance for your use case at your budget. Our interests in finding the best price/performance for any use case are what drive us to keep going. Simply put, we practice the highest form of PC building on Reddit. Let us make a build for you.

2020.09.20 15:33 one_jr HOW TO Set up Google Analytics Event Tracking in Carrd

Hello everyone
Thought I'd write a quick post on how to set up Google Analytics Event tracking for your Carrd website.
I am not affiliated with Carrd in any way though I did recently spend 2+ hours of trying various code snippets within Carrd to make the Event tracking work.
As any good builder, first of all I consulted the official documentation as well as various online event snippet generators, both of which required a lot of trial and error to finally get to work. Hopefully this will save someone a couple hours :)
I assume that you already have a Google Analytics account as well as a Carrd one, and you've already done the basic integration via adding the Google Analytics ID into your Carrd site.
If you haven't done this yet, then go ahead and paste your Analytics ID in Your Carrd Site > Publish (Main Menu) > Settings Tab > Google Analytics ID
Done. Easy. Now onto the Event tracking;
I will not go into too many details here as to WHY you'd want to set this up - let's just say for now that it unlocks A LOT of additional Analytics data tracking options such as better Behaviour Flows, Conversion Tracking, Goal Tracking etc
Now as to the HOW;
Every button you add to your Carrd site, be it on a Form or a Stand-alone one, allows for both specifying the action which is to be performed once the user clicks the button, as well as a very underrated feature - called the "On Click".
The On Click is optional and allows a code snippet to run when a user clicks the button in addition to performing the specified action.
For Stand-alone buttons you can find this option just under the Colour and Label items in the Edit pane, and for Form buttons within the Form Settings Tab > Events in the Edit Pane.
Now that we know where to paste the code snippet to enable tracking of the user's click and logging it as an Event within Google Analytics, it's time to figure out exactly what code snippet to paste in.
To manage your Google Analytics, Carrd makes use of Google Tags, NOT Universal Analytics and NOT Classic Analytics.
The On Click code snippet is different for each case.
For Classic Analytics, the code goes along the lines of:
_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'category', ‘action', 'opt_label', opt_value, ‘opt_nonInteraction’]);
For Universal Analytics, the code goes along the lines of:
ga(‘send’, ‘event’, ‘category’, ‘action’, ‘label’, value, {‘NonInteraction’: 1});
BOTH WON'T WORK - so if you are spending (read: wasting) time with most online Google Analytics Event code snippet generators then you're going down the same rabbit hole I did.
Here's what to do instead:
Your code snippet has to be compatible with Carrd's Google Tag Manager and have the following format:
gtag('event', 'click', { 'event_category' : 'YourEventCategory', 'event_label' : 'YourEventLabel', 'value' : 'YourEventValue' });
All you have to do now is to copy the above snippet and paste it into your designated button's On Click setting within Carrd and substitute YourEventCategory, YourEventLabel and YourEventValue with your own data.
If you do decide to use online Google Analytics Event snippet generators make sure that the output code is of the compatible format. If it's not, it won't work. And you won't get any error messages either... You'll just be refreshing your Google Analytics account 100s of times wondering why the Events are not showing up... trust me - been there
For more information see the Send Events section within Google's official documentation at:
Now onto the fun part:
Publish your site with your updated button On Click settings and... click it!
Then go to your Google Analytics account and see your Event action being logged in Real-time with your specified Event Category, Label and Value.
Now you can go ahead and set up your Goals - and Event tracking makes Goal-based Event conversion possible!

Hope this helps!
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2020.09.19 16:10 s810 Old Austin Tales: North Austin Meetups of Prehistoric Eras - (4000BC - 1690AD)

The folks down at the Austin History Center are slowly scanning archival photos and adding to UNT's Portal to Texas History even in these pandemic times. Among others, there are quite a few new photos of land parade floats from the early Austin Aqua Festivals in 1962 and 63. It's disappointing to see photos like this 1963 Austin Aqua Festival parade float ignorantly depicting Native Americans in a less than flattering light.
But a few of those kids dressed as stereotypical and generic 1960s natives probably had elderly relatives who remembered the time before all the tribes were ejected from this area and probably would have still thought of them as little more than savages. The photo gives context to the times in which it was taken. The Austinites of that era seem to have had less respect for those people who lived here hundreds or thousands of years before the Spanish and French started roaming around here.
As a modern Austinite I don't see why this attitude should be held up. Those were humans who lived here, if even sporadically, and loved the land and the creeks and trees as much or more than you or I. They just called the landmarks different names back then. It is known that some of the tribes who used to live around here were warlike and confrontational with other tribes. My own grandmother was born in Austin in the 1930s and often told me a tall tale about a fictional battle between the Comanche and 1000 Apache warriors in the hills near Lake Travis. (sometimes the battle took place in the area around where we were sitting in traffic depending on grandma's mood) It was a Thermopylae/Alamo-like tale of outnumbered Comanche braves winning the day by running to the hill now known as Commanche Peak and waiting in ambush. But grandma often told some whoppers and that was surely one of them. I've never read about even the scantest evidence that something like that took place here, if even only in oral histories of the tribes involved. But who knows. My point is we really don't know a whole lot about what the people who lived here before everything, and what they did while they were here.
Today I wanted to share some small bit of the real story of these people who lived here when real estate was free if you could keep it from the wild beasts or competing tribes. Because the real story, from what little we know of it, is really just as captivating as Grandma's tall tales were.
On a related note I recently discovered the AustinFound podcast from Michael Barnes and a few other folks at The Statesman. They've been writing the good historyposts on The Statesman's for a while now under the same name and I've referenced them a lot here before. Michael Barnes knows his stuff. He has written a multi-volume book set called Indelible Austin and was one of the people who went on the expedition to look for traces of the 1730 Spanish mission set up somewhere in this area. In episodes 1, 6, and 27 of the podcast he talks about the three main native tribes in this area: The Apache, who considered this area the northeastern border of their roaming grounds and had mostly vacated by the 1800s, the Comanche, who were descended from the Apache (edit: fixed) Wyoming Shoshone tribe long ago in modern Utah and Wyoming and considered this area the southeastern border of their expanding roaming grounds, and the Tonkawa tribe, who were also war like but had a different culture and their own ways. They especially were early victims of the diseases brought by european contact.
One thing I agree with Michael Barnes about is how The Tonkawa, despite having more of a territorial claim to the area Austin is in now than the other two tribes, are under-represented in the old chronicles written down by early white settlers. The Comanche are namedropped in the written accounts of the 1800s quite a bit for their 'depredations' on early settlers. It was the Comanche were the only tribe in this region who, for a time, rebuffed all attempts to subjugate them from Spain, Mexico, and Anglos. But the Tonkawa, on the other hand, being so few in number had to ally themselves with whites against the other two tribes. Because of this they were westernized quickly and assumed a sort of sub-caste in frontier society. Early accounts refer to them as 'Tonks' and talk in exaggerated ways about their cannibalism and wolf-worship. From what I understand the people eating only took place after winning a great battle. The tribe has a website nowadays where you can learn about their culture, their colorful traditional clothing and how it was made, and the Trail of Tears out of Central Texas.
It's not often talked about what tribes were here before the Tonkawa and the Comanche and Apache. It's a topic I'm always looking to learn more about. If you've lived here a while you might have heard of the Leanderthal Lady. Her remains are estimated to be between 10000 and 13000 years old and according to this article was found with buried with a shark tooth. I've also talked about the digs at the Westcave Preserve near Hamilton Pool, and the Levi and Smith Rock Shelters, where evidence of human habitation dates back 10000 years at least. But that brings up the question: Who lived in the area in between then and the time of the Tonkawa? I know there are stories from early settlers about an 'Indian Village' of an unnamed tribe very near the old Santa Monica Springs on the Colorado River but that's about it. Well thanks to some archeological digs over the years when new stuff had been built we know about a few frequent party spots some of the people alive back then liked to congregate in. I've found archeological reports from three separate digs in spots around North Austin, which is fine because the good rock shelters appear to have been in what is now South Austin anyway...
Let's start in the order the reports were made. The first concerns a site where people camped repeatedly over the course of the last 4000 years that today lies in a neighborhood near the intersection of North Lamar and Braker Lane. Back in the neighborhood is a street called Jetta Court. This neighborhood dates back to the mid to late 1960s and when built the area was already known for arrowhead deposits. In the 1980s further digs established the whole area around where Walnut Creek Park is today was once a major habitation area. But back in '68 the home builder company was partially done with the neighborhood and paid for a salvage dig after reports of trespassers "pothunting".
The report from the salvage dig was published in the Bulletin of the Texas Archeological Society, Volume 47, 1976 and is available in the UNT archive. You can read the whole thing if you feel like getting into the weeds. Quoting the abstract and introduction:
During the course of several weekends in 1968 and 1969, students from The University of Texas at Austin carried out test excavations at the Jetta Court site in Travis County, central Texas. These investigations constituted a salvage effort designed to obtain information on this site before it was destroyed by construction activities in a housing development. The terrace deposits at Jetta Court yielded a long Archaic sequence, including a deeply buried occupation which occurred stratigraphically below Early Archaic materials. The results of the excavations are described, and detailed analyses of the lithic debris and faunal re mains are presented.
The Jetta Court site (41 TV 151) is located within the city limits of Austin, Texas, buried in terrace deposits on the west side of Walnut Creek (Figs. 1-3). The site was brought to the attention of the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory (TARL) of The University of Texas at Austin in the fall of 1968 by reports of pothunting in an area slated for a housing subdivision. Inspection of the site by TARL personnel indicated that it should be tested before the planned construction activities were begun.
Excavations, directed by graduate students in anthropology at The University of Texas at Austin, were carried out with volunteer help. Work was done on weekends during a period from December, 1968, to February, 1969. Since the site was unprotected during the week, numerous instances of vandalism occurred. One unit of excavation was eventually ruined, but the others were not seriously damaged. This combination of weekend excavation and weekday vandalism limited effective investigation to stratigraphic testing and backhoe trenching. Exposures of horizontal tracts were not done partly be- cause of fear that it would lead to more extensive depredations on the part of the pothunters, and partly because the site was considerably deeper than was anticipated.
The writers would like to acknowledge the assistance and under- standing of Mr. Cecil Lamour, representing Conann Construction, Inc., in permitting the excavations. His patience with our backhoe operations, in particular, was most helpful.
How dramatic. Apparently someone thought there was buried treasure nearby. I wonder what could have given them that idea.. Here's a photo of the site at the time and Here's a map of the dig site with the holes marked. All of this area is built over today.
The dig was done hastily and the vandalism limited the findings. The report goes on describe two burned rock midden sites located within the boundaries of the dig. These were like old campfires that had been repeatedly built over for a number of years during two different eras.
Some further highlights from the report:
Here's a photo of the one of the holes.
There are a couple of photos of some of the lithic projectile points found in the upper, newer rock midden. Here's one. Here's another. And a couple from the lower, older midden. Here's one from the lower and here's another. There are many more photos and charts showing the finds, their classifications, and their locations in relation to one another in the layered deposits. This is how most of the rest of the report goes.
There were many animal bones and shells found in some areas indicating people ate there, or used the site for industry. Here a list of animal species found in the bones they can identify. On the menu: snails, turtles, opossum, coyote, deer, bison, cow, a couple of kinds of rabbits and mice, and strangely gophers. Apparently there used to be gophers around here when the climate favored grasslands over forests.
The distribution of animal bones is nicely charted here in size and age, Category A being the largest animals like bison and Category C being the smallest, such as rats and snails. The report notes that remains of small animals would degrade faster so that might skew the results.
To sum it all up because it's way too long to copypaste, the two burned rock middens at Jetta Court don't contribute a whole lot of new information to the story besides offering evidence that the spot was a place for habitation. I think if I understand it correctly (correct me if I'm wrong) the lower midden dates back over 3000 years while the upper midden dates back about 2000 years. The report talks about not knowing how to classify the artifacts within the archaic period. It recommends further digs in the area but acknowledges that's probably not possible with the neighborhood going up. What the writers didn't know is that just a few years later digs would begin at many different sites in what is now Walnut Creek Park that further expanded the knowledge of that area and its earliest inhabitants.
Moving on to the next site, which lies a little bit east of there at what became the Jourdan-Bachman Pioneer Farm, once an actual farm near Sprinkle now turned into a live action museum exhibit by the city which is beloved by schoolkids on field trips. It turns out that when the farm was built in the 1850s, part of the property contained a much older camp site that was favored by natives a thousand years ago. A report was written in 1994 about a dig in 1983. (PDF warning). The site of the native cultural deposits was at the southern end of the farm. Here is a map of the site in relation to the farm.
The PDF isn't as copypaste friendly as the other UNT article but it's short and I can summarize the findings. It's really more of just an abstract compared to the other long report. It's worth taking the time to read if you can handle PDFs and you're interested in the history of the area at all. In the introduction they describe how the farm was bought by the Heritage Society of Austin in the 1950s and belonged to the City of Austin by 1980 as part of the same deal that established Walnut Creek Park. More than a few digs had been done in the area around there in the early 1980s. It describes 22 different ancient burials found at one nearby site. At the farm site itself there was a deposit of projectile points over a meter thick of most types found in the area during the archaic era.
That brings us to the third site. called Millican Bench. Never heard of it? Me neither. It's a tiny spot just south of The Arboretum today that was obliterated by the construction of Loop 360 in the 1970s. Before the highway cut through the site, TxDot conducted a dig in 1970 and 71 on a small limestone plateau (thus the bench) where artifacts had been reported by the previous landowner. The report on the site dig is another PDF, but it was written in 2003, is very detailed, and will let me copypaste from it. Here's a map of the site showing where it was in the roadbed of modern Loop 360.
Quoting from the introduction:
Located in Travis County, the Millican Bench site(41TV163) was the first archeological site excavated by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT; then Texas Highway Department) as a mitigation effort for highway construction under the requirements of the National Environmental Protection Act of 1966. The excavation was conducted between September of 1970 and February of 1971under the direction of Frank Weir, then of the Texas Highway Department. In August of 2002, TxDOT contracted with the Center for Archaeological Research (CAR) at The University of Texas at San Antonio (Work Authorization#57014PD004) to conduct an inventory and assessment of the archeological collections and documentation associated with site 41TV163, develop possible research questions that could be pursued with the site data, and to prepare the project material for permanent curation. Based on that assessment(Mahoney et al. 2003a), and following consultation with TxDOT, CAR further was directed to produce a final report.This document constitutes the final report on the TxDOT work at 41TV163. Included in this report are a description of the site, excavation procedures, and an analysis of selected components of the data collected over three decades ago.
To report on excavations and analyze data collected over30 years ago presents several challenges. Foremost among these is that if one wishes to avoid a primarily historical perspective, data collected using earlier field methods to investigate earlier theoretical concerns must be molded to address current questions. In this case, the disconnect between the theoretical and methodological considerations that guided the excavation of 41TV163, which appear to have been focused on chronology and cultural history,and current research interests in Texas archeology is exacerbated by the loss of a large portion of the field notes,some photo logs, and some of the artifacts and samples during the intervening years. Nevertheless, in the assessment document (Mahoney et al. 2003a), we identified a series of current research issues that could be addressed using data generated by the work at 41TV163. These include investigating temporal changes in subsistence patterns and changes in lithic technology. In addition, we investigate several aspects of site use during the Late Prehistoric occupation of 41TV163.
So what this is saying is that basically the original field work and notes were lost and they had to reconstruct everything. I guess they thought it was worth it in scientific value to reconstruct or else maybe because it was the forerunner to TxDot's first dig. In any case the findings showed evidence of habitation a bit later than the other sites to the east. The intro continues:
Initially, seven discrete areas, designated A through G, were identified at Millican Bench. Figure 1-2 (the map linked earlier) presents a section of an aerial photo with the sketched locations of these seven areas, along with the Loop 360 center line. The photo appears to have been created at the time of the fieldwork. Area A consisted of a burned rock midden located on a topographic bench. Another probable burned rock midden, Area B, was situated on the slope and creek terrace below the bench.Located just to the west of Area B were two other areas,designated C and D. These appeared to be occupation areas with burned rock and other debris present. Three additional areas, designated E, F, and G, were located across the creek east of Areas A–D. Area E was a burned rock midden that measured approximately four meters in diameter. Area F contained a concentration of occupation refuse with burned rock and chipped stone, while Area G was a broad bedrock exposure containing scattered chipped stone debris.With the exception of Area G, where only surface collection was conducted, all areas (A through F) had some level of excavation. At 41TV163, TxDOT personnel recorded 11features, including a human burial (Feature 10) and a possible structure (Feature 3). In addition, more than 200cores, 1,400 tools, 400 projectile points, and 42,500 pieces of debitage were collected. With the exception of any evidence for Paleo-indian occupation, the 41TV163 materials seem to reflect most prehistoric periods. Collected projectile point types thought to be diagnostic include Wells, Early Split Stem, Early Triangular, Martindale, and Uvalde forms dating to much of the Early Archaic (8000–6000 BP); Nolan,Travis, and a single Andice point, all dating to the Middle Archaic (6000–4000 BP); Bulverde, Pedernales, Williams,Lange, Marshall, Montell, Castroville, Ensor, Frio, Fairland,and Darl forms dating throughout the Late Archaic (4000–1250 BP); and Scallorn points, dating to the early portion of the Late Prehistoric (1250–700 BP). A small amount of historic and/or modern material was also collected, though it is not considered in any detail in this report.
Long story short, this area was frequently visited from about 4000BC-1300AD, mostly toward the latter date, and shows different patterns in habitation indicating the different tribal customs in use at that point. In addition to rock middens and lots of projectile points and rock flakes, an ancient human burial was found. Also many animal bones like the other sites indicating different eating areas.
Well there you have a few stories of the people who lived here before recorded history. I hope one day more local history writers and bloggers can address this topic in more depth than I have time for here today. I know there are a lot of people out there like me who would love to know more. Time is way short so I've got to wrap this up quick. I obviously don't have any related photos from prehistory but have some newly added old Aqua Fest photos from the UNT archive for Bonus Pics today.
Bonus Pic #1 - "Photograph of two people on a mini pool at the Aqua Festival Land Parade event" - August 3, 1962
Bonus Pic #2 - "Photograph of group of people at Aqua Fest event" - 1963
Bonus Pic #3 - "Photograph of the scenery at Aqua Fest event. A child is seen seated wearing a cape and crown. " - 1963
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2020.09.19 12:02 raajpadma123 Affiliate Programs News Channel

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2020.09.18 20:29 bbthedon How to share startup idea for physical product ?

Hello Reddit,
Not sure if this is OK to post here, please feel free to delete the post if needed.
Most of the startup ideas here are either an app or web app, web site, SaaS etc. However, if one has an actual physical product to share and would like to get feedback - what would be the best way to do so here on Reddit ?
The tool I designed could be useful to Data, Network, Cable, A/V technicians, A/V or Network Rack builders, Smart Home/Home Lab enthusiasts etc, and I know there are a quite a few subreddits dedicated to these particular professions/hobbies but I am not sure if posting there would be appropriate or the most professional way to obtain honest opinion.
Any feedback would be appreciated.
Thank you!
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2020.09.18 17:49 Serendiplodocus I want to edit an existing module, but I'm not 100% sure how, or if it's the right thing to do

My problem: I'm collecting data from a Cisco router estate. I can get a lot of information I need using ios_facts and the subset interfaces. However there are certain parameters that don't get collected, such as VRF, or in the case of tunnels, source and destination.
I've spent all morning looking at python scripts and figuring out how everything goes together. Looking at /uslib/python2.7/site-packages/ansible/module_utils/network/ios/facts/interfaces/ I can see two important imports:
from import get_interface_type, normalize_interface
from import InterfacesArgs
I look in the interfaces import and I see: "This file is auto generated by the resource module builder playbook. Do not edit this file manually"
So I need to somehow edit this file apparently, but after googling the method isn't clear. I mostly get guides on how to use it to build new models, not edit old ones. Can someone advise me or link me to a resource?
And secondly get_interface_type doesn't seem to work; it's never worked for loopback interfaces, and I manually added tunnels in but it didn't assign a type then either. So if anyone knows what's going on there, I'd be interested to know.
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2020.09.18 07:51 bradadvertising How Secure is Shopify and Shopify Plus?

Reliability of your e-commerce store and transaction security is a pledge of stable sales and trusty relations within consumer and business and restricts your company's financial loss. There are two main needs in this online store for bank data and users are:
● The consumer should feel secured from the time he is entering his card details to receiving his goods.
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Where Shopify comes as an all-around eCommerce website builder over the market. It supported many retailers to create their own online stores which produced them a whopping total of more than $55 billion. Shopify built for medium to small companies where the newer version Shopify plus is built for huge enterprise business. They work in a similar way yet Shopify Plus could control more the normal Shopify plan. Let's see how Shopify and Shopify plus can handle security issues raised in an Ecommerce business.

Is Shopify and Shopify Plus is safe for payments?

Shopify and Shopify Plus handles two categories of stakeholders namely company owners and purchasers. It is vital to secure these Both and not to offer remedies for just one of them. People say that your online store security levels based upon your tariff plan. We think it's not true what your tariff plan can be; you will receive a high-security level.
Every plan ranged for $29 monthly where the most costly plans have similar security standards. You don't have to install clever apps, manually set SSL certificates, set server parameters for much time, calling the FBI group for securing your online store. In the Shopify Plus tariff plan you will get the best security cause it offers the pricessing of a huge mass of details where a server might require for withstanding maximum count of visits where users perform at a similar time.
It's SaaS platform
Shopify and Shopify Plus hosted on SaaS platform opposed to other platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce that are open-source channels. Does this differentiation matter? If Shopify makes a security update it immediately rolls to their whole consumers without any consumer involvement or even interaction. If a security updates is launched in WooCommerce, it is the whole responsibility of the administrator of the site for upgrading webserver and applying the patch. So, without this step security of the site is compromised.
If you are having an open-source platform with several plugins for more functionality, risk maximizes where every plugin should update and maintain separately. This turns to overhead for most people do not keep up on, where hackers are scanning many online stores who have out of date software. So, if they know your store they will commit fraud and spread malware to your website visitors. Google also penalizes you for not updating software which can affect organic search revenue.
Shopify Security Standards
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Shopify Consumer Security
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● Maintains information security policy.
Shopify Account Security
Shopify store data secure is termed as shared responsibility within the store owner and Shopify. Shopify and Shopify Plus takes cares of infrastructure, software, disaster recovery of the whole platform. Store owners responsible for permissions given to third-party apps, users, backups of data you placed in your account and password security.
Web app providers take precautions for failing their infrastructure. They have security team for platform availability. If a meteorite crushes one of the data centres of Shopify, the security team can recover the whole platform for the last backup.
Need a hand in starting your eCommerce store with Shopify or Shopify Plus? Contact BRAD ADVERTISING today. We are Shopify eCommerce development company who have expertise working with retails brands around globally and raising entrepreneurs or startups for beauty, home, luxury, fashion, lifestyle and retail business. Security is their best feature where most online stores deal with financial details of consumers. Reliable, there will be no downtime. They offer great loading speed and excellent consumer support 24/7. Contact them today.
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2020.09.18 00:05 Floridapoolbuilder These Websites Are All Scams!! This Company Sells Your Contact Info (Custompoolbuilders) ( PLEASE PASS ON

All of these websites below are scam websites. They pretend to be a pool builder but they are not. They are an ad agency that pretends to be in the USA but really out of London England. They sell all your data to others. They also steal content off of Pool builder's websites without their permission. Please share with everyone you know in the pool industry. I am sure there are more sites they use i found all of these in 5 minutes. When looking for a new pool or a custom pool builder please never use a 3rd party site go to the builder's direct website. It's amazing that people try to steal anything they can SMH. (this was the main site till we emailed them and called them out for stealing our content after that email sent then now everything goes to this new website (Fake Pool Company if you look at the bottom you will see CustomPoolBuyers ) (Darek Krol the mastermind)
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2020.09.17 22:54 ezoterik Bold move from Acala: EVM support coming!

The Acala team recently announced support for EVM-based smart contracts in their parachain. In short, this means that smart contracts that run on Ethereum can be run on their parachain. As they are targetting DeFi use case, I think that’s a great way to garner adoption. It’s also a bold strategy as I will outline below.
Some background on the Acala team
The team is actually composed to two teams who were already building for the Polkadot ecosystem. Those teams are PolkaWallet and Laminar. The latter focus on runtime engineering (“building chains”), while PolkaWallet is a mobile-first wallet for Polkadot (and Kusama).
These teams, both as separate entities and together as Acala, applied for grants in the Web3 Foundation grant program Each application was successful too. I know this since I prepared their contracts. 😉
In my dealings with them they were always professional and honest, plus their enthusiasm and dedication to Polkadot is unsurpassed.
What is Acala?
In their own words:  
“A decentralized stablecoin platform powering cross-blockchain open finance applications.” (Source)
The team are aiming to be the “decentralized financial hub of Polkadot” with “a suite of financial primitives: a multi-collateralized stablecoin backed by cross-chain assets like Bitcoin, a trustless staking derivative, and a decentralized exchange.” (Source)
Add in wallet support and you have a very compelling package that should entice both builders and users to the project. Merely building a blockchain doesn’t guarantee wallet support from day one, nor does it guarantee developers will want to build for it, but this is where Acala is making great headway to overcome those challenges.
For users, having access to a stablecoin is a big must and is something that I was personally wrong about. I didn’t think they would be so useful (+1 XP for me). Moreover, I suspect there could be a governance token coming too, one which is also the fuel for the contracts. I can see these features intertwining into some interesting token economics.
A bold strategy
A strong team announcing support for EVM-flavoured smart contracts is great for Polkadot, but I think it may ruffle a few feathers with other teams who are also planning to offer EVM compatibility. This is a bold move, but one that makes sense. Being able to attract DeFi developers to Polkadot is easier if there is a nice migration path from Ethereum to Polkadot.
It feels like a competitive move as EVM-compatible parachains will have an overlap in target audience. This is one of the interesting aspects of the blockchain space: you have open-source software and a general design principle of interconnectivity such that collaboration is highly encouraged, yet there is a limited number of developers. Acala is collaboratively in the sense that it should offer a stablecoin.
That said, there is some natural differentiation between the projects too. Should DeFi projects naturally adopt Acala, then I see this as an opportunity for non-DeFi projects to migrate to the other parachains (e.g. Plasm and Moonbeam). Ultimately, that may not be such a bad thing. Less projects on the same chain (“shard”) means less congestion.
The launching of the new parachains is something to watch closely over the next year or so; however, that is the subject of a future blog!
Acala Tokens
At the moment Acala are not selling any tokens to the public. If you see anything listed on Uniswap or elsewhere in the Ethereum ecosystem (e.g. as an ERC-20) then be very skeptical.
There has been some private sales to professional investors, but nothing public. There is no published date for a token sale, so currently there is no known way for small investors to get involved. Although I believe it could happen before launch. The team have a roadmap on their website which suggests a potential parachain launch of Q3 2020, but I do fear that timeline might slip.
Personally, I’d really like to buy some but as a non-professional investor of only modest means I will be waiting like everyone else in the community. While I believe Acala is a strong team I think everyone should do their own research and make up their own mind.
Disclaimer: Polkadot Market provides opinions, news, aggregated content and the occassional financial data. Polkadot Market is not a broker / dealer and is not a registered professional advisor. No information on this site should be taken as a solicitation to buy or sell financial assets.
Connect with us
Connect with us on the Polkadot Market Discord.
This is a cross-post from the Polkadot Market website
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2020.09.17 16:31 tugcearar Create and Monitor Geofences with HuaweiMap in Xamarin.Android Application

Create and Monitor Geofences with HuaweiMap in Xamarin.Android Application
A geofence is a virtual perimeter set on a real geographic area. Combining a user position with a geofence perimeter, it is possible to know if the user is inside the geofence or if he is exiting or entering the area.
In this article, we will discuss how to use the geofence to notify the user when the device enters/exits an area using the HMS Location Kit in a Xamarin.Android application. We will also add and customize HuaweiMap, which includes drawing circles, adding pointers, and using nearby searches in search places. We are going to learn how to use the below features together:
  • Geofence
  • Reverse Geocode
  • HuaweiMap
  • Nearby Search

Project Setup

First of all, you need to be a registered Huawei Mobile Developer and create an application in Huawei App Console in order to use HMS Map Location and Site Kits. You can follow these steps to complete the configuration that required for development:
  1. Configuring App Information in AppGallery Connect
  2. Creating Xamarin Android Binding Libraries
  3. Integrating the HMS Map Kit Libraries for Xamarin
  4. Integrating the HMS Location Kit Libraries for Xamarin
  5. Integrating the HMS Site Kit Libraries for Xamarin
  6. Integrating the HMS Core SDK
  7. Setting Package in Xamarin
When we create our Xamarin.Android application in the above steps, we need to make sure that the package name is the same as we entered the Console. Also, don’t forget the enable them in Console.

Manifest & Permissions

We have to update the application’s manifest file by declaring permissions that we need as shown below.
Also, add a meta-data element to embed your app id in the application tag, it is required for this app to authenticate on the Huawei’s cloud server. You can find this id in agconnect-services.json file.

Request location permission

Request runtime permissions in our app in order to use Location and Map Services. The following code checks whether the user has granted the required location permissions in Main Activity.
private void RequestPermissions() { if (ContextCompat.CheckSelfPermission(this, Manifest.Permission.AccessCoarseLocation) != (int)Permission.Granted ContextCompat.CheckSelfPermission(this, Manifest.Permission.AccessFineLocation) != (int)Permission.Granted ContextCompat.CheckSelfPermission(this, Manifest.Permission.WriteExternalStorage) != (int)Permission.Granted ContextCompat.CheckSelfPermission(this, Manifest.Permission.ReadExternalStorage) != (int)Permission.Granted ContextCompat.CheckSelfPermission(this, Manifest.Permission.Internet) != (int)Permission.Granted) { ActivityCompat.RequestPermissions(this, new System.String[] { Manifest.Permission.AccessCoarseLocation, Manifest.Permission.AccessFineLocation, Manifest.Permission.WriteExternalStorage, Manifest.Permission.ReadExternalStorage, Manifest.Permission.Internet }, 100); } else GetCurrentPosition(); } 

Add a Map

Within our UI, a map will be represented by either a MapFragment or MapView object. We will use the MapFragment object in this sample. Add a element to your activity’s layout file, activity_main.xml. This element defines a MapFragment to act as a container for the map and to provide access to the HuaweiMap object. Also, let’s add other controls to use through this sample. That is two Button and a SeekBar. One button for clearing the map and the other for searching nearby locations. And seekbar is helping us to create a radius for the geofence.
In our activity’s OnCreate method, get the map fragment by calling FragmentManager.FindFragmentById. Then use GetMapAsync to register for the map callback. Also, implement the IOnMapReadyCallback interface to MainActivity and override OnMapReady method which is triggered when the map is ready to use.
 public class MainActivity : AppCompatActivity, IOnMapReadyCallback { MapFragment mapFragment; HuaweiMap hMap; Marker marker; Circle circle; SeekBar radiusBar; FusedLocationProviderClient fusedLocationProviderClient; GeofenceModel selectedCoordinates; List searchMarkers; private View search_view; private AlertDialog alert; public static LatLng CurrentPosition { get; set; } protected override void OnCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { base.OnCreate(savedInstanceState); Xamarin.Essentials.Platform.Init(this, savedInstanceState); SetContentView(Resource.Layout.activity_main); AGConnectServicesConfig config = AGConnectServicesConfig.FromContext(ApplicationContext); fusedLocationProviderClient = LocationServices.GetFusedLocationProviderClient(this); mapFragment = (MapFragment)FragmentManager.FindFragmentById(Resource.Id.mapfragment); mapFragment.GetMapAsync(this); FindViewById
As you can see above, with the UiSettings property of the HuaweiMap object we set my location button, enable compass, etc. Other properties like below:
 public bool CompassEnabled { get; set; } public bool IndoorLevelPickerEnabled { get; set; } public bool MapToolbarEnabled { get; set; } public bool MyLocationButtonEnabled { get; set; } public bool RotateGesturesEnabled { get; set; } public bool ScrollGesturesEnabled { get; set; } public bool ScrollGesturesEnabledDuringRotateOrZoom { get; set; } public bool TiltGesturesEnabled { get; set; } public bool ZoomControlsEnabled { get; set; } public bool ZoomGesturesEnabled { get; set; } 
Now when the app launch, directly get the current location and move the camera to it. In order to do that we use FusedLocationProviderClient that we instantiated and call LastLocation API.
LastLocation API returns a Task object that we can check the result by implementing the relevant listeners for success and failure. In success listener we are going to move the map’s camera position to the last known position.
private void GetCurrentPosition() { var locationTask = fusedLocationProviderClient.LastLocation; locationTask.AddOnSuccessListener(new LastLocationSuccess(this)); locationTask.AddOnFailureListener(new LastLocationFail(this)); } ... public class LastLocationSuccess : Java.Lang.Object, IOnSuccessListener { private MainActivity mainActivity; public LastLocationSuccess(MainActivity mainActivity){this.mainActivity = mainActivity;} public void OnSuccess(Java.Lang.Object location) { Toast.MakeText(mainActivity, "LastLocation request successful", ToastLength.Long).Show(); if (location != null) { MainActivity.CurrentPosition = new LatLng((location as Location).Latitude, (location as Location).Longitude); mainActivity.RepositionMapCamera((location as Location).Latitude, (location as Location).Longitude); } } }) ; 
To change the position of the camera, we must specify where we want to move the camera, using a CameraUpdate. The Map Kit allows us to create many different types of CameraUpdate using CameraUpdateFactory.
 public static CameraUpdate NewCameraPosition(CameraPosition p0); public static CameraUpdate NewLatLng(LatLng p0); public static CameraUpdate NewLatLngBounds(LatLngBounds p0, int p1); public static CameraUpdate NewLatLngBounds(LatLngBounds p0, int p1, int p2, int p3); public static CameraUpdate NewLatLngZoom(LatLng p0, float p1); public static CameraUpdate ScrollBy(float p0, float p1); public static CameraUpdate ZoomBy(float p0); public static CameraUpdate ZoomBy(float p0, Point p1); public static CameraUpdate ZoomIn(); public static CameraUpdate ZoomOut(); public static CameraUpdate ZoomTo(float p0); 
There are some methods for the camera position changes as we see above. Simply these are:
  1. NewLatLng: Change camera’s latitude and longitude, while keeping other properties
  2. NewLatLngZoom: Changes the camera’s latitude, longitude, and zoom, while keeping other properties
  3. NewCameraPosition: Full flexibility in changing the camera position
We are going to use NewCameraPosition. A CameraPosition can be obtained with a CameraPosition.Builder. And then we can set target, bearing, tilt and zoom properties.
public void RepositionMapCamera(double lat, double lng) { var cameraPosition = new CameraPosition.Builder(); cameraPosition.Target(new LatLng(lat, lng)); cameraPosition.Zoom(1000); cameraPosition.Bearing(45); cameraPosition.Tilt(20); CameraUpdate cameraUpdate = CameraUpdateFactory.NewCameraPosition(cameraPosition.Build()); hMap.MoveCamera(cameraUpdate); }

Creating Geofence

Now that we’ve created the map, we can now start to create geofences using it. In this article, we will choose the location where we want to set geofence in two different ways. The first is to select the location by clicking on the map, and the second is to search for nearby places by keyword and select one after placing them on the map with the marker.

Set the geofence location by clicking on the map

It is always easier to select a location by seeing it. After this section, we are able to set a geofence around the clicked point when the map’s clicked. We attached the Click event to our map in the OnMapReady method. In this Click event, we will add a marker to the clicked point and draw a circle around it.
After clicking the map, we will add a circle, a marker, and a custom info window to that point like this:
Also, we will use the Seekbar at the bottom of the page to adjust the circle radius. We set selectedCoordinates variable when adding the marker. Let’s create the following method to create the marker:
private void HMap_MapClick(object sender, HuaweiMap.MapClickEventArgs e) { selectedCoordinates.LatLng = e.P0; if (circle != null) { circle.Remove(); circle = null; } AddMarkerOnMap(); } void AddMarkerOnMap() { if (marker != null) marker.Remove(); var markerOption = new MarkerOptions() .InvokeTitle("You are here now") .InvokePosition(selectedCoordinates.LatLng); hMap.SetInfoWindowAdapter(new MapInfoWindowAdapter(this)); marker = hMap.AddMarker(markerOption); bool isInfoWindowShown = marker.IsInfoWindowShown; if (isInfoWindowShown) marker.HideInfoWindow(); else marker.ShowInfoWindow(); } 
With MarkerOptions we can set the title and position properties. And for creating a custom info window, there is SetInfoWindowAdapter method. Adding MapInfoWindowAdapter class to our project for rendering the custom info model. And implement HuaweiMap.IInfoWindowAdapter interface to it.
This interface provides a custom information window view of a marker and contains two methods:
View GetInfoContents(Marker marker); View GetInfoWindow(Marker marker); 
When an information window needs to be displayed for a marker, methods provided by this adapter are called in any case.
Now let’s create a custom info window layout and named it as map_info_view.xml
And return it after customizing it in GetInfoWindow() method. The full code of the adapter is below:
internal class MapInfoWindowAdapter : Java.Lang.Object, HuaweiMap.IInfoWindowAdapter { private MainActivity activity; private GeofenceModel selectedCoordinates; private View addressLayout; public MapInfoWindowAdapter(MainActivity currentActivity){activity = currentActivity;} public View GetInfoContents(Marker marker){return null;} public View GetInfoWindow(Marker marker) { if (marker == null) return null; selectedCoordinates = new GeofenceModel { LatLng = new LatLng(marker.Position.Latitude, marker.Position.Longitude) }; View mapInfoView = activity.LayoutInflater.Inflate(Resource.Layout.map_info_view, null); var radiusBar = activity.FindViewById(Resource.Id.radiusBar); if (radiusBar.Visibility == Android.Views.ViewStates.Invisible){ radiusBar.Visibility = Android.Views.ViewStates.Visible; radiusBar.SetProgress(30, true); } activity.FindViewById(Resource.Id.radiusBar)?.SetProgress(30, true); activity.DrawCircleOnMap(selectedCoordinates); Button button = mapInfoView.FindViewById
Now we create a method to arrange a circle around the marker that representing the geofence radius. Create a new DrawCircleOnMap method in MainActivity for this. To construct a circle, we must specify the Center and Radius. Also, I set other properties like StrokeColor etc.
public void DrawCircleOnMap(GeofenceModel geoModel) { if (circle != null) { circle.Remove(); circle = null; } CircleOptions circleOptions = new CircleOptions() .InvokeCenter(geoModel.LatLng) .InvokeRadius(geoModel.Radius) .InvokeFillColor(Color.Argb(50, 0, 14, 84)) .InvokeStrokeColor(Color.Yellow) .InvokeStrokeWidth(15); circle = hMap.AddCircle(circleOptions); } private void radiusBar_ProgressChanged(object sender, SeekBar.ProgressChangedEventArgs e) { selectedCoordinates.Radius = e.Progress; DrawCircleOnMap(selectedCoordinates); } 
We will use SeekBar to change the radius of the circle. As the value changes, the drawn circle will expand or shrink. For this reason, we will update the radius and re-draw the circle in SeekBar’s change event.

Reverse Geocoding

Now let’s handle the click event of the info window. We have the coordinates of the selected location and we want to bring up the alert dialog with the formatted address of this coordinates and radio group of Geofence conversions like below.
But before open that window, we need to reverse geocoding selected coordinates to getting a formatted address. HUAWEI Site Kit provides us a set of HTTP API including the one that we need, reverseGeocode.
In the sample project, for convenience, I created the functions from different services in different classes. In GeocodeManager managing geocoding functions and in GeofenceManager managing geofence functions. So let’s add the GeocodeManager class to our project and update it as follows:
class GeocodeManager { public const string ApiKey = "YOUR_API_KEY” private MainActivity activity; public GeocodeManager(MainActivity activity){this.activity = activity;} public async Task ReverseGeocode(double lat, double lng) { string result = ""; using (var client = new HttpClient()) { MyLocation location = new MyLocation(); location.Lat = lat; location.Lng = lng; var root = new ReverseGeocodeRequest(); root.Location = location; var settings = new JsonSerializerSettings(); settings.ContractResolver = new LowercaseSerializer(); var json = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(root, Formatting.Indented, settings); var data = new StringContent(json, Encoding.UTF8, "application/json"); var url = "" + Android.Net.Uri.Encode(ApiKey); var response = await client.PostAsync(url, data); result = response.Content.ReadAsStringAsync().Result; } return JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(result).sites.FirstOrDefault(); }} 
In the above code, we request the address corresponding to a given latitude/longitude. Also specified that the output must be in JSON format.
You can get API key in our agconnect-services.json file or Console. Request model:
public class MyLocation { public double Lat { get; set; } public double Lng { get; set; } } public class ReverseGeocodeRequest { public MyLocation Location { get; set; } } 
The response return from ReverseGeocode API looks like this:
 {"returnCode":"0","sites":[{"formatAddress":"Arapsuyu, 600. Sokak, 07070, Konyaaltı, Antalya, Türkiye","address":{"country":"Türkiye","countryCode":"TR","subLocality":"Arapsuyu","postalCode":"07070","locality":"Konyaaltı","adminArea":"Antalya","subAdminArea":"Konyaaltı","thoroughfare":"600. Sokak"},"viewport":{"southwest":{"lng":30.656440070240773,"lat":36.875268166794406},"northeast":{"lng":30.659619929759227,"lat":36.87781183320559}},"name":"Miniature Culture Park","siteId":"6EBE1448D8235A19B9BBBCB3D3432D07","location":{"lng":30.65803,"lat":36.87654},"poi":{"hwPoiTypes":["IMPORTANT_TOURIST_ATTRACTION"],"poiTypes":["TOURIST_ATTRACTION"],"rating":0,"internationalPhone":"","openingHours":{},"hwPoiTranslatedTypes":["Important Tourist Attraction"]},"matchedLanguage":"tr"}],"returnDesc":"OK"} 
Note that the JSON response contains three root elements:
  • “returnCode”: For details, please refer to Result Codes.
  • “returnDesc”: description
  • “sites” contains an array of geocoded address information
Generally, only one entry in the “sites” array is returned for address lookups, though the geocoder may return several results when address queries are ambiguous.
Add the following codes to our MapInfoWindowAdapter where we get results from the Reverse Geocode API and set the UI elements.
 private async void btnInfoWindow_ClickAsync(object sender, System.EventArgs e) { addressLayout = activity.LayoutInflater.Inflate(Resource.Layout.reverse_alert_layout, null); GeocodeManager geocodeManager = new GeocodeManager(activity); var addressResult = await geocodeManager.ReverseGeocode(selectedCoordinates.LatLng.Latitude, selectedCoordinates.LatLng.Longitude); if (addressResult.ReturnCode != 0) return; var address = addressResult.Sites.FirstOrDefault(); var txtAddress = addressLayout.FindViewById(Resource.Id.txtAddress); var txtRadius = addressLayout.FindViewById(Resource.Id.txtRadius); txtAddress.Text = address.FormatAddress; txtRadius.Text = selectedCoordinates.Radius.ToString(); ... } 
Now, after selecting the conversion, we can complete the process by calling the AddGeofence method in the GeofenceManager class by pressing the save button in the dialog window.
class GeofenceManager { ... public void AddGeofences(GeofenceModel geofenceModel) { geofenceModel.Id = Guid.NewGuid().ToString(); if (geofenceModel.Conversion == 5) //Expiration value that indicates the geofence should never expire. geofenceModel.Timeout = Geofence.GeofenceNeverExpire; else geofenceModel.Timeout = 10000; List geofenceList = new List(); GeofenceService geofenceService = LocationServices.GetGeofenceService(activity); PendingIntent pendingIntent = CreatePendingIntent(); GeofenceBuilder somewhereBuilder = new GeofenceBuilder() .SetUniqueId(geofenceModel.Id) .SetValidContinueTime(geofenceModel.Timeout) .SetRoundArea(geofenceModel.LatLng.Latitude, geofenceModel.LatLng.Longitude, geofenceModel.Radius) .SetDwellDelayTime(10000) .SetConversions(geofenceModel.Conversion); ; geofenceList.Add(somewhereBuilder.Build()); GeofenceRequest geofenceRequest = new GeofenceRequest.Builder() .CreateGeofenceList(geofenceList) .Build(); var geoTask = geofenceService.CreateGeofenceList(geofenceRequest, pendingIntent); geoTask.AddOnSuccessListener(new CreateGeoSuccessListener(activity)); geoTask.AddOnFailureListener(new CreateGeoFailListener(activity)); }}} 
In the AddGeofence method, we need to set the geofence request parameters, like the selected conversion, unique Id and timeout according to conversion, etc. with GeofenceBuilder.
Geofence conversion can be set one of these:
public const int DwellGeofenceConversion = 4; public const int EnterGeofenceConversion = 1; public const int ExitGeofenceConversion = 2; public const long GeofenceNeverExpire = -1; 
To add geofences to a point we must create GeofenceService from LocationService and use CreateGeofenceList method with PendingIntent. When we created this intent we use a broadcast receiver because we need to notify whenever geofence conversions occur. So we create GeofenceBroadcastReceiver and display a toast message when a geofence action occurs.
[BroadcastReceiver(Enabled = true)] [IntentFilter(new[] { "com.huawei.hms.geofence.ACTION_PROCESS_ACTIVITY" })] class GeofenceBroadcastReceiver : BroadcastReceiver{ public static readonly string ActionGeofence = "com.huawei.hms.geofence.ACTION_PROCESS_ACTIVITY"; public override void OnReceive(Context context, Intent intent){ if (intent != null) if (intent.Action == ActionGeofence) { GeofenceData geofenceData = GeofenceData.GetDataFromIntent(intent); if (geofenceData != null) Toast.MakeText(context, "Geofence triggered: " + geofenceData.ConvertingLocation.Latitude +"\n" + geofenceData.ConvertingLocation.Longitude + "\n" + geofenceData.Conversion.ToConversionName(), ToastLength.Long).Show(); }}} 
After that in CreateGeoSuccessListener and CreateGeoFailureListener that we implement IOnSuccessListener and IOnFailureListener respectively, we display a toast message to the user like this:
public class CreateGeoFailListener : Java.Lang.Object, IOnFailureListener { ... public void OnFailure(Java.Lang.Exception ex) { Toast.MakeText(mainActivity, "Geofence request failed: " + GeofenceErrorCodes.GetErrorMessage((ex as ApiException).StatusCode), ToastLength.Long).Show(); } public class CreateGeoSuccessListener : Java.Lang.Object, IOnSuccessListener { ... public void OnSuccess(Java.Lang.Object data) { Toast.MakeText(mainActivity, "Geofence request successful", ToastLength.Long).Show(); }}

Set geofence location using Nearby Search

In this section, we will implement the Huawei Site Kit’s Nearby Search API. And after using it to search for a location, we will display the results on the map with markers. The user can select one of these locations to add a geofence around them.
On the main layout when the user clicks the Search Nearby Places button, a search dialog like below appears:
Create search_alert_layout.xml with a search input and a button.
In Main Activity, create click event of that button and open an alert dialog after it’s view is set to search_alert_layout. And make NearbySearch when clicking the Search button:
private void btnGeoWithAddress_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { search_view = base.LayoutInflater.Inflate(Resource.Layout.search_alert_layout, null); AlertDialog.Builder builder = new AlertDialog.Builder(this); builder.SetView(search_view); builder.SetTitle("Search Location"); builder.SetNegativeButton("Cancel", (sender, arg) => { builder.Dispose(); }); search_view.FindViewById
We pass search text and Current Location into the GeocodeManager NearbySearch method as parameters. We need to modify GeoCodeManager class and add nearby search method to it.
public void NearbySearch(LatLng currentLocation, string searchText) { ISearchService searchService = SearchServiceFactory.Create(activity, Android.Net.Uri.Encode("YOUR_API_KEY")); NearbySearchRequest nearbySearchRequest = new NearbySearchRequest(); nearbySearchRequest.Query = searchText; nearbySearchRequest.Language = "en"; nearbySearchRequest.Location = new Coordinate(currentLocation.Latitude, currentLocation.Longitude); nearbySearchRequest.Radius = (Integer)2000; nearbySearchRequest.PageIndex = (Integer)1; nearbySearchRequest.PageSize = (Integer)5; nearbySearchRequest.PoiType = LocationType.Address; searchService.NearbySearch(nearbySearchRequest, new QuerySuggestionResultListener(activity as MainActivity)); } 
Let’s review this code. First of all, we create an ISearchService interface based on context and API Key with SearchServiceFactory class. This is the entry interface of the HUAWEI Site Kit. With the help of this interface, we are going to be able to use search services. In this case that would be NearbySearch. Before searching, we need to create an customize a NearbySearchRequest. And to handle the result we must create a listener and implement the ISearchResultListener interface to it.
public class NearbySearchResultListener : Java.Lang.Object, ISearchResultListener { ... public void OnSearchError(SearchStatus status) { Toast.MakeText(context, "Error Code: " + status.ErrorCode + " Error Message: " + status.ErrorMessage, ToastLength.Long); } public void OnSearchResult(Java.Lang.Object results) { NearbySearchResponse nearbySearchResponse = (NearbySearchResponse)results; if (nearbySearchResponse != null && nearbySearchResponse.TotalCount > 0) context.SetSearchResultOnMap(nearbySearchResponse.Sites); } } 
In OnSearchResult method, NearbySearchResponse object return. We will insert markers to the mapper element in this response. The map will look like this:
In Main Activity create a method named SetSearchResultOnMap and pass IList as a parameter to insert multiple markers on the map.
public void SetSearchResultOnMap(IList sites) { hMap.Clear(); if (searchMarkers != null && searchMarkers.Count > 0) foreach (var item in searchMarkers) item.Remove(); searchMarkers = new List(); for (int i = 0; i < sites.Count; i++) { MarkerOptions marker1Options = new MarkerOptions() .InvokePosition(new LatLng(sites[i].Location.Lat, sites[i].Location.Lng)) .InvokeTitle(sites[i].Name).Clusterable(true); hMap.SetInfoWindowAdapter(new MapInfoWindowAdapter(this)); var marker1 = hMap.AddMarker(marker1Options); searchMarkers.Add(marker1); RepositionMapCamera(sites[i].Location.Lat, sites[i].Location.Lng); } hMap.SetMarkersClustering(true); alert.Dismiss(); } 
Now, we add markers as we did above. But here we use SetMarkersClustering(true) to consolidates markers into clusters when zooming out of the map.
You can download the source code from here.


· HMS LocationKit Documentation
· HMS Xamarin LocationKit Plugin References
· HMS MapKit Documentation
· HMS SiteKit Documentation
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2020.09.15 10:52 vesi-hiisi Transcript of May 5, 1986 Politburo Meeting about Chernobyl liquidation

This is taken from the book Chernobyl. Days and Years by Vladimir Maleev (Чернобыль. Дни и годы / В.Н. Малеев). Translation is mine. The full transcript of this Politburo meeting regarding the Chernobyl disaster relief efforts and the shortcomings being faced is a historical record of tremendous importance, yet it has never been translated to English. Only brief summaries of it have been included in some books. Author Vladimir Maleev is a retired colonel commanding the chemical warfare troops which were tasked with the removal of nuclear waste. He became a historian and professor in the military academy after leaving active duty. A few interesting things to note:
Meeting of the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee
May 5, 1986 Chaired by Comrade M. S. Gorbachev Attended by: Aliyev G.A., Vorotnikov V.I., Gromyko A.A., Zaikov L.N., Ligachev E.K., Ryzhkov N.I., Solomentsev M.S., Chebrikov V.M., Shevardnadze E.A., Shcherbitsky V.V., Demichev P.N., Dolgikh V.I., Talyzin N.V., Biryukova A.P., Dobrynin A.F., Zimyanin M.V., Medvedev V.A., Razumovsky G.P., Yakovlev A.N., Kamiyunov I.V.
  1. On the course of liquidation of the consequences of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the measures to intensify this work.
  2. On the admission of the IAEA Director General H. Blix to the USSR.
GORBACHEV: We need to take stock of the work done by the Task Force and the Government Commission in recent days. Is there clarity about what is going on and what might happen? Some hypothesize that the development of the situation may necessitate the expansion of the eviction zone to 500 km, others believe that in any development of events it will not be more than 150-200 meters. Still others are of the opinion that such measures will not be required at all. We must carefully listen to reports on these issues and summarize them. In conversation with Velikhov, I felt that one way or another the case was approaching an outcome. Now is not the time to deal with the reasons. The main thing at the moment is what to do. Should I invite foreigners? Velikhov said that it would be possible to invite Kindner (USA) to Moscow. Another question is the robots from Federal Republic of Germany. Need to clarify these and other issues and act more decisively, because time is running out.
RYZHKOV: As you know, on the night of April 25-26, a serious accident occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant Unit 4, associated with the explosion of a nuclear reactor and radioactive contamination of the adjacent area and the spread of radioactivity through the atmosphere, the other parts of the country and abroad. The main directions of work to eliminate the consequences of the accident were determined by decisions of the Politburo. Immediately after the accident, the Politburo set clear tasks for the party and state bodies, the Armed Forces, the Academy of Sciences, ministries and departments to localize the accident, carry out the necessary work among the population to find employment, create proper living conditions, maintain order and discipline. To investigate the reasons and take the necessary measures, a Government Commission was created on April 26th under the leadership of the Deputy Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers, Comrade B. E. Shcherbina -including leading specialists and scientists, senior officials of the KGB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Prosecutor’s Office, and the Council of Ministers of Ukraine. The commission started the work on the same day. The work to eliminate the accident from the first hour was under the constant control of the Politburo of the Central Committee and the General Secretary of Comrade M. Gorbachev. On April 28 and 29, this issue was specially considered by the Politburo. At the second meeting of the Politburo, a special Task Force of the Politburo was created to manage the elimination of the consequences of this accident.
Since April 29, the Task Force has been reviewing the state of affairs on a daily basis, analyzing the state of affairs and making operational decisions. These are the organizational forms. Allow me, as instructed by the Task Force, to report on the state of affairs, the measures taken and the problems which need special attention. In our report today there will be no conclusions about the causes of this emergency in such a scale and the consequences of the accident. The commission is working, but there are no final conclusions yet. There will be no final conclusions on the actions of all services, divisions, and local bodies in these conditions. The preliminary conclusion is that, extreme circumstances have shown in practice the high level of organization of some and the absolute helplessness of others.
Presumably, after the situation is normalized, these issues will be the subject of a special investigation by the Politburo for the necessary conclusions and approval of a whole range of measures. The decision of the Politburo about our trip with Comrade E.K. Ligachev to the area of ​​the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was timely and correct. Familiarization with the situation on site, consideration of the main issues there related to the elimination of the consequences of the accident, as well as meeting with people – all this made it possible to draw a more complete and realistic picture of what happened and assess the tasks we are facing more in depth. The trip to Chernobyl has shown: -that it is necessary to act faster in all areas, using all available opportunities and resources, that any departmental barriers are unacceptable;
– that our main task is all sorts of acceleration of the work to prevent the dangerous consequences of the accident in the reactor;
– that the elimination of consequences at the nuclear power plant will take a long time and therefore all organizations and services related to this issue must have well thought out and coherent long-term work plans among themselves.
What is the current situation and what are the priority issues requiring urgent solutions?
First, the Unit 4.
Considering that the explosion has destroyed the reactor and all the equipment was out of order, the Government Commission, on the recommendation of the scientists, decided to use the air force to throw sand containing boron and lead into the reactor. This made it possible to reduce the emission of radioactive particles and normalize the radiation situation. Helicopter aviation has proven itself very good in this business -working well, harmoniously and selflessly. The most dangerous situation is now emerging at this very facility. As you know, there is no chain reaction process in the reactor, but decay of radioactive elements. Scientists put forward two versions of the further course of the events: a) gradually the heat release will weaken, the temperature and radioactivity will decrease. According to their calculations, it will take several months; b) the second hypothesis about the further development of the process is that there is an extreme danger with unpredictable consequences. This is substantiated by the President of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Comrade A.P. Aleksandrov, Academician Legasov, and others. Its meaning lies in the fact that the temperature can theoretically rise to 28,000 C, all metal elements in the reactor zone will melt, in this high temperatures the concrete ceiling will practically not be able to hold this mass and it will fall into the pool of water below the reactor.
The effects:
a) instantaneous vaporization occurs with the final destruction of unit 4 and destruction of unit 3, the release of a huge mass of radioactive elements with consequences hard to predict, but many times more severe than it is now;
b) prerequisites for a chain reaction are created, that is, an atomic explosion with even more catastrophic consequences. The operational group of the Politburo and the Government Commission firmly believes that this is the main danger today and even if there is one percent of such a possibility, all efforts must be made to eliminate the conditions for the development of these processes. To do that, it is necessary to remove about 5 thousand cubic meters of water.
This is a complicated matter. There are still no final decisions, although engineering troops, the Ministry of Transport and Construction, the Ministry of Coal Industry, and Ministry of Geology have been sent to solve it. Certainly a solution will be found, but every minute is precious now, since according to data for May 4, the temperature inside is rising and the core is sinking. The latest news from Comrade I.S. Silaev, The Ministry of Energy, together with the Ministry of Defense, has taken measures to control units 1,2 and 3. The work is organized and everything is under control.
Second. Radiation situation in the station area.
As you know, the settlement of the Pripyat station was the most affected. The population was evacuated from it on the first day. The evacuation was carried out swiftly and in an orderly manner. About 40 thousand people were moved out. The population welcomed the evacuees well. Taking the radiation situation into account, it was decided to evacuate the entire population from the zone with a radius of 10 kilometers and this operation was carried out on May 2 and 3. It was decided to evacuate the population from a radius of 30 kilometers. The evacuation was carried out yesterday. Thus, about 100 thousand people were removed from the zone (including two regions of Belarus). The zone is now practically empty.
Despite the organized work on the first evacuation, it is necessary to draw conclusions from the existing shortcomings. Inspection on the spot showed that there is no complete clarity regarding the location of the people, there is no clear record -part of the evacuated population of about 5-6 thousand people are lost in fact, it is not known where they are, including the communists. Many issues of employment, providing money for living, warm clothes, etc. have not been resolved. People sometimes do not raise these issues acutely, because they think they would return to their homes in a week or two.
And the issue of medical care for the population is especially acute. It is completely unacceptable that in such a potentially dangerous area, the health authorities were not ready, did not have a clear plan of action in the face of a threatening situation. People who arrived at the place of evacuation were not even given a basic blood test. You can imagine what would happen here if something more serious happened.
Third. The healthcare.
Medicine turned out to be one of the weak points. Minister Comrade Burenkov was simply unable to cover this volume of work, he was simply helpless. The question arises: Is the right person in charge of the country’s healthcare? The medicine of Ukraine and the government of the republic were not in the best position. In the evacuation areas, a system for checking the people moved out of the contaminated areas has not been organized yet, at best they were washed and their blood pressure was checked -people are nervous, not knowing whether they were irradiated or not. Comrade Shcherbitsky and Comrade Lyashko should not take offense, but in my opinion, they did not even know the true state of affairs in this matter, and if they did, they did not take effective measures.
A decision has now been made. From May 4, all medical work in the area of the zone will be entrusted to the medical service of the Ministry of Defense. Yesterday at the Operations Group, General Komarov reported on the turn of work. This is done on a large scale and thoroughly. 7 thousand people will be examined per day, if necessary, primary hospitalization is carried out with transfer to the hospitals of the Ministry of Health. In the system of the Ministry of Health, the Task Force has created a special medical commission headed by the First Deputy Minister, which is entrusted with the task of solving all issues of hospitalization and treatment of victims, providing medical instruments and medicines. I must say that this issue is not worked out at all in the Ministry of Health, and you have to develop and make decisions on the go.
After the creation of the group (May 1), the work intensified. As of May 4, the medical situation is as follows:
1882 people were hospitalized, including 445 children, including 570 people were admitted on May 3 (454 of them in Ukraine); radioactive objects detected in 201 people, including 61 children. According to experts, the victims will keep coming. It was decided to involve the world-famous scientists from the USA in the treatment, Professors Gale and Tarasaki .
Further on. Decontamination of the contaminated area. The affected area is conventionally divided into 3 zones:
a) directly at the nuclear power plant and the energy facilities of Pripyat, where an unprotected person is not allowed. This zone is not controlled by the troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs – units of the Ministry of Defense work in it;
b) a zone with a radius of 10 km;
c) a zone with a radius of 30 km.
In all zones, and especially in the first one, a huge amount of work is to be done to decontaminate the area. For these purposes, chemical troops numbering more than 2 thousand men with the appropriate equipment were deployed into the zone, forming the civil defense. Capital work on cleaning the area has not yet been carried out, which, in the opinion of the Operational Group, is unacceptable, since we can’t wait for the emission from the damaged reactor to stop in the near future. We need to work out the technology. The biggest difficulties will be in Pripyat where it is necessary to flush all the houses and plow the land several times.
The chief of the chemical forces was instructed to draw up a work plan and submit it to the Task Force with a tight deadline on May 6, since, according to the information of the chief of chemical forces, this work will take 1-2 years. One cannot agree with this. It is quite obvious that the chemical troops must be significantly strengthened, and comrade Sokolov should start this work immediately. The performance of civil defense work will not be significantly affected. It is not established and basically duplicates other branches of the armed forces or party organizations. This applies to both the central administration and Ukrainian republican bodies of Civil Defense. There is no clarity, no plan, no proper organizations that we have seen earlier in reports and boards. The highest priority today is to protect in the first zone from the possible washout of the rain with contaminated particles drifting into the rivers. This is a very dangerous business.
A decision has been made, and yesterday the forces of the engineering troops of the Moscow District have deployed to work on the construction of a 10-kilometer dam, laying a 3-kilometer pipeline to discharge storm water from the station and the village into a special reservoir, and sheltering a highly contaminated area. We must continue this work, not dwell on the bare minimum. It is necessary to create dams 30 kilometers long in the next day or two. Instructed to make purchases of some chemical reagents and equipment controlled by radio from France and West Germany. Units and equipment are being sent to the zone as the need arises. Currently, about 7 thousand people of the Ministry of Defense units work in the zone, about 3 thousand people of the Ministry of Internal Affairs troops and the same number in the reserve. Heads of ministries and departments, scientists and specialists, equipment and materials have been promptly sent.
The radiation situation
The zone of increased (to varying degrees) radioactivity now covers the territory from the western border of the Soviet Union to Ryazan and Volgograd in the east, the North Caucasus, Crimea in the south, Estonia and the Leningrad region in the north. In recent days, radioactivity has spread mainly in the southeastern and southern directions and according to the latest data, it is already registered in the North Caucasus and in the coastal regions of the Black Sea. Egress to Turkey is possible. The value of radioactivity in most areas exceeds the natural background by 5-10 times, which is, of course, an alarming factor, but does not yet require special immediate measures, but requires our respective services and all local authorities to be on alert. On the western borders of the Soviet Union, there was a gradual drop of radiation levels. On the border with Poland and in the western part of Belarus it fell to natural background level. On the Romanian border, there has been no further increase in radiation levels over the past two days. However, the egress of radioactive products to the territory of Romania and Bulgaria may continue in limited quantities. In the area adjacent to the nuclear power plant, the total radiation level has decreased by about 2 times over the past few days, but remained at a dangerous level.
Due to the southerly direction of the wind, the situation in the Kiev region has deteriorated, the radiation level from April 30 (7x the background) to May 4 rose to 85x the background. However, at 7 am the radiation level in Kiev was 45x the background. In Zhlobin, where many foreign specialists are located, the background radiation has decreased by 2 times in 3 days (to 2x the background). In Moscow, the radiation level remained within the background (although Iodine elements were noticed).
The General Situation
During the trip we were able to make sure that our people, party cadres are enduring the difficulties that have arisen, showing forebearance, a great desire to do everything possible to eliminate the consequences of the accident as soon as possible. On the most positive side, military pilots, chemical troops and units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine proved themselves. At the same time, it is quite obvious that the party committees had no close connection with the governing bodies involved on site, the party influence on the process of the main work was lost. The scientific, technical and production potential of the republic is not utilized to the full extent.
After the specialists give their opinion on the causes of the accident and the experience of working on eliminating its consequences is summarized, we will have to seriously think about what lessons should be learned from this case, what measures must be taken to ensure safe operation of our nuclear power industry and to improve our readiness to act effectively in the conditions of a special period. Many questions arise here – from medical examination and treatment of sick people to defining the role and place of civil defense in these matters, and the precise coordination of the actions of military and civil services in such cases. The operational group of the Politburo will keep the entire course of the necessary work under constant control and take the necessary measures, in accordance with the real situation, to eliminate the consequences of the accident and report to the Politburo.
SHCHERBINA: We were facing a situation that had not been previously worked out, in connection with the fact that there were no regular measures for such a case. The project itself contains the idea of ​​inadmissibility of such situations. The result is an uncontrolled acceleration of the reactor. Immediately after the accident, there was a lack of readiness to assess the situation on the spot. Civil defense did not warn people. Weddings went on in the city until the evening. It was necessary to quickly put out the fire, reduce the radioactive emissions. 4 thousand tons of cargo was dropped onto the reactor. The surface temperature was brought down from 500 to 200 degrees. What to do at the bottom of the reactor? People went to the pool. Maybe there is an opportunity to release the water.
LIGACHEV: Don’t get carried away.
RYZHKOV: It still needs to be seen. The main thing is to get away from the explosion.
SHCHERBINA: The most difficult thing is decontamination.
GORBACHEV: The main thing is to remove the danger below.
SHCHERBINA: People are working selflessly.
LEGASOV (Academician): The work is organized as follows: comrade Shcherbina is engaged in organizational matters, comrade Meshkov is studying the causes of the accident, I make recommendations to prevent long-range emissions. Groups in Moscow are conducting analysis. Considerations that were expressed in the West for preventing the consequences of an accident should be considered. This is not just guesswork, but the result of research carried out considering the accidents that have taken place at nuclear power plants. We had to make calculations on the spot, because there were no regular measures.
GORBACHEV: Plus, there’s water right under the reactor.
LEGASOV: This was done for cost reasons, so as not to build two buildings. Ministry of Medium Machine Building did not agree with this. If there were 4-5 pipes laid out to a distance there would be no problems. This is a miscalculation of all power engineers.
GORBACHEV: And the caps?
LEGASOV: With the explosion power that took place, caps wouldn’t have saved us.
GORBACHEV: We need to focus on what awaits us.
LEGASOV: After 10 hours, we halted the operation of the reactor. But it continues to emit radioactivity, since isotopes have accumulated in it during the year of operation of the reactor. The power of heat release from such fragments in the first day was 14 megawatts, and today it amounts to 8.5 megawatts, as if 60 tons of coal burned per day. In addition, the graphite is burning. It totals 2.5 thousand tons. 1 ton is burning per hour. This is equivalent to 24 tons of coal per day. Graphite will completely burn out in one third of the year.
The first task is to create a means for filtering the radioactive isotopes. Now they are going into the air 100 times less than they would have been if no measures were taken to airdrop sand and other materials into the reactor. The area located near the reactor has been forfeited, since when the cargo was dropped from a height of 200 meters, dust has risen, increasing the radiation around the station.
Now the molten mass in the reactor is moving downward. It is difficult to control this, since remote devices were not provided that make it possible. This is also my fault. But this is not the case at any nuclear power plant in the world. On the first day after the accident, the temperature of the molten mass was 1100 degrees -it is rising by 135 degrees per day. An experiment was carried out tonight: the molten mass fell into water but the explosion did not take place. However, if the molten mass from the reactor reaches the water, then there will be powerful vaporization. The situation is still alarming. Cooling of the reactor from below is required. It is necessary to drill underground and pump nitrogen through it. For 2-3 days, you need to give air circulation. No sacks were thrown into the reactor yesterday, in order to provide traction. It is a potentially hazardous area. It cannot be more than 250 km. At the same time, the active one is 30-50 km. Our institute has developed the topic “Barrier” related to this problem. So we have accurate calculations.
GORBACHEV: What happens if there is contact with the aquifer?
LEGASOV: Here Velikhov and I did not find a common language. The water from the tank must be siphoned off, not shot, in order to drain it.
GORBACHEV (To Comrade Shcherbina): It is necessary to inform the site so that they do not break through (comrade Shcherbina leaves).
LEGASOV: As for concreting, this is a finishing operation.
GORBACHEV: What is the fate of the other three blocks?
LEGASOV: The first two blocks remained operational. If there is no explosion, then nothing will happen to them. In the third block, in case of an emergency, a fire might occur.
GORBACHEV: Do I need to invite foreigners? It’s not for nothing. But if necessary, then don’t let it bother you.
LEGASOV: They began to acquaint us on this issue with cipher telegrams. Only two moments were unknown to us. These are the French foam and German remote robots. So there is no need to give a general SOS signal, and considerations abroad for their accounting should be sent to the group.
RYZHKOV: If you get an option with pumping water through a pipe, is it possible to put liquid nitrogen through the same pipe?
LEGASOV: Yes. But this does not exclude the undermining.
RYZHKOV: You need to do both.
SHCHERBINA: We have just received a message that the water pumping has started.
ALEXANDROV: Legasov reported everything correctly. Regarding foreign aid: it would be nice to invite doctors who specialize in bone marrow transplants.
ALIYEV: Such a specialist is already working.
LIGACHEV: Is a chain reaction possible?
ALEXANDROV: It is possible. But not an explosion, that is, not an instantaneous process. But abundant vaporization will occur.
SLAVSKY: The ministry is involved in localizing the consequences of the accident. My first deputy is there. One of the reasons for what happened was the zero work of Nuclear Regulatory Authority. What is being done is correct. There are no other suggestions.
BREZHNEV (Minister of Transport Construction): Together with Comrade Shchadov (minister of mining) and Comrade Usanov, on a visit to the site, we studied the issue of drilling to the water. The beginning of pumping eases the situation. After pumping out the water, you need to start pumping the clay-cement slurry. Drilling is complicated by the fact that you cannot approach the reactor closer than 250 meters. We agreed with the military to carry out decontamination in order to get closer to the reactor by 50 meters.
GORBACHEV: We need to accelerate the pace, to act not only as in a military, but as in a nuclear situation, around the clock.
RYZHKOV: Comrade Brezhnev must return to his place in order to organize this work.
GROMYKO: What percentage of emissions goes to the atmosphere?
LEGASOV: Excess in CO is 22 times. Zirconium will appear. First came Iodine, and now rare earth elements. Dangerous zone is within a radius of 30 kilometers. The most dangerous is the Uranium fission products. Iodine decays to half in 8 days, and after 80 days there will be nothing left.
SEDUNOV (Deputy Head of the State Committee for Hydromet): We monitor the radiation situation from aircraft and ground stations. The spread of radioactivity depends on the wind direction. First the cloud went north, then west and south. There was an increase of radioactive air to Poland, Scandinavia, then to Romania and Bulgaria, yesterday to Turkey. In Kiev, its level increased to 80x background, this morning it is 45x background. The norm for the population is 10x background per year. There is 3x background in Minsk and Lithuania. There is 2x background in the North Caucasus. We believe there will be a decline in Kiev. When the wind turns, the cloud may head to Moscow.
SHCHERBITSKY: Tangled up in roentgens and milliroentgens.
SEDUNOV: It is important to monitor the isotopic composition of precipitation. Iodine goes into milk. This is the most dangerous thing today.
GORBACHEV: What to do with the livestock?
SEDUNOV: There is no need to destroy. Perhaps the contaminated Kiev reservoir.
LYASHKO: Water samples are taken every hour. Radioactivity was detected only in the upper reaches of the Pripyat. We forbade drinking from open reservoirs there.
SEDUNOV: Everything is still normal in Moscow.
SHCHADOV (Minister of the Coal Industry): Breaking through the wall is dangerous. It is necessary to pump out the water, and then pump the mixture. If necessary, we will go through the mining work under the building.
AKHROMEEV (Deputy Defense Minister): The first task is to control the radiation situation. We began decontamination of the roads and other places. Three thousand people are working on it. Today we will complete the preparation of the decontamination plan and report to the Operations Group.
SOLOMENTSEV: What is the cleaning efficiency?
AKHROMEEV: Radioactivity has been reduced by 3-4 times. We’ll have to make burial grounds for soil and water. We have deployed medical checkpoints for Seven thousand people.
LIGACHEV: Akhromeev, what doe you think about penetrating the water under the reactor?
AKHROMEEV: My opinion: to pierce the wall with a cumulative projectile.
RYZHKOV: There are enough people.
AKHROMEEV: If necessary, we will bring in more.
LYASHKO: Water from the Dnieper basin provides for 32 million people. Water samples will be taken within an hour. There was no alarm until yesterday evening. And today thre already is. On small rivers, the radioactivity has increased and is 10 minus the fourth degree (at a rate of 10 minus the eighth degree). An order was given to these areas to switch to the use of water from sealed sources. Fortunately there are artesian wells here. If necessary, we will deliver water by cisterns. It will be more difficult if we have to discharge water from the Kiev reservoir. There is already a lack of water in the south. We need recommendations from the State Committee for Hydromet on how much water to keep in the reservoir.
GORBACHEV: What about the evacuated population?
LYASHKO: The evacuation was carried out in 3 hours instead of the planned 6. The bad thing is that there were no established standard measures for such a case, no exercises had been conducted. Meals are being provided for the evacuees. There was a lack of coordination between the services of the 3rd Department of the Ministry of Health and the regional medical services. They have classified too much. I spoke about this with Comrade Burenkov. Now the situation is getting better. The registration of the evacuees was complicated by the fact that on the eve of the holiday many people went to other cities to visit their relatives by car.
The builders were sent to work at other stations. Three and a half thousand people were assigned to the filial branch of the Mayak plant. Many went to agriculture. We will pay them average wages. Since people have lost their property, they need to be compensated through the State Insurance. The rural population must be given a lump sum of 100 rubles per chapter and 50 rubles for family members. The population urgently asks for more information, recommendations: what to do in the current situation.
SHCHERBITSKY: This is very important now.
GORBACHEV: We agreed to provide such information on site.
LYASHKO: It is necessary for the Minister of Health and the scientists to speak, broadcast to the region and the districts. Water from under the reactor cannot be discharged even into the heaped earth. We need to make a pool. We will build such a container. We also need containers for soil decontamination. But in such places you need to put a perimeter.
VLASOV: We will do it.
LYASHKO: The academic year continues. For elementary grades, it must be completed within a week, and tenth graders must be graduated as usual. All children; the evacuees must be taken to the campgrounds. Request for space to be provided for them. The milk is under double control. If contamination is detected, it is sent to be processed into butter and cheese
GORBACHEV: We have a draft resolution. How to supplement it? We must proceed from the fact that the situation is very difficult in all respects: the radiation, huge territory. Scientists have no unequivocal answers for the future. Therefore, work must be carried out with an orientation towards the worst case. To put the reactor issue in the foreground, taking all the options into account . The task force will pull up all the necessary resources and mechanisms for this. At the same time, emphasize work with the population: everyday life, employment, medicine, etc. Especially the water issue. How to proceed. Everything needs to be calculated, predicted. Particular plan of everything that needs to be done in the danger zone. Separately decide how to deal with the outside world. Give information calmly and carefully, without overconfidence, but rather firmly. Panic is a luxury for subordinates, not for the Politburo and the Government.
More extensive information should be provided in Ukraine through local channels. Provide factual information through the Union channels. Maybe expand the scope of information to the outside world. The enemy asks us questions that would make it possible to evaluate us as a whole, and at the same time to throw mud at us. If we add information, then it will be natural, because time passes, we have more facts. But don’t create a picture of arrogance. We stand in order to make a signal of this fact to everyone, to turn public opinion towards our steps towards disarmament. This incident at a peaceful site speaks of the inadmissibility of nuclear war. Talk about it at the press conference. So the information needs to be added, but responsibly. To bring in foreign specialists? I understood that according to Legasov there is no need for that. Shall the need arise, we will decide.
DOLGIKH: This is written in the penultimate paragraph.
GROMYKO: I agree with what Mikhail Sergeevich said. It is true that the situation remains serious. The second paragraph of the draft says: take note.
GORBACHEV: It must be said: approve the measures taken and step up the work.
GROMYKO: Point ten. We raised this issue with the UN. Need to use what we said earlier.
SHCHERBITSKY: The ninth paragraph can be expanded to tell about the population being informed about the situation.
MEDVEDEV: Maybe, tell about periodically informing friends.
GORBACHEV: This is in the plan. There is a proposal to introduce these elaborations and to adopt the project.
GORBACHEV: Boris Evdokimovich, you said that the analysis of the causes of the accident is over.
SHCHERBINA: Yes. On April 25, an experiment began at the station to check the reliability of work, approved by the chief engineer. It was a gross mistake to make such a check without taking the operation of the reactor into account.
GORBACHEV: What kind of experiments are these? After all, this is a nuclear power plant.
SHCHERBINA: Such experiments are being carried out at power plants. But atomic authority should be aware of this. There was no chief deputy for science.
GORBACHEV: And the hydrogen version?
SHCHERBINA: No, there were two explosions in the reactor.
GORBACHEV: And the automation?
SHCHERBINA: None of the three systems worked.
GORBACHEV: After all, decisions were made on violations of the operating mode at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.
SHCHERBINA: Staffing was not provided.
CHEBRIKOV (Chief of KGB): We have two reactor systems – dual-loop (more reliable) and single-loop. This reactor is single-loop. It does not tolerate fluctuations in the operating mode. Non-design things lead to adverse consequences. There are three systems for cooling the reactor everywhere, but only two here. Additional heat removal is what the experiment was for. Its program was formulated without the participation of the designers.
SHCHERBINA: We immediately eliminated the question of hydrogen. The point is the vibration and acceleration of the reactor.
DOGIKH: We must wait for the final conclusions.
GROMYKO: We need to conduct a discussion on the state plan. Misfortune befell us. Someone made an oversight, committed a crime and must be punished. How the experiment was conceived. The solution must be such that generations do not forget this fact.
GORBACHEV: It is proposed to adopt a resolution on liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident and the invitation of H. Blix to the USSR.
Resolutions are adopted.
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2020.09.12 20:39 derApfel44 [Hiring] Salesforce Admin, Data - ACLU · New York, NY

The ACLU seeks a full-time position of Salesforce Admin, Data in the Product and Technology Department of the ACLU’s National office in New York, NY.
The ACLU’s Product & Technology team partners with departments across the ACLU in order to build and maintain innovative, robust and secure digital products and technical systems that accelerate the ACLU’s mission as our nationwide guardian of rights and liberties. We are a team of engineers, designers, product managers and administrators who take pride in creating technical solutions that help raise money, get our message out in the world, mobilize our supporters and manage our data with integrity.
Reporting to the Associate Director, Product Management, the Salesforce Admin, Data will work to enhance the ACLU’s data hygiene protocols, design systems to proactively identify and triage data issues, and help ensure the quality and consistency of data input.
The person in this role will join the Product & Technology Department of the ACLU National Office (either on-site in NYC or remote).
Data Management
Apply to the Salesforce Admin role at the ACLU
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2020.09.12 02:04 agility-cms How will JAMstack overcome the roadblocks that hamper its adoption?

The genius of JAMstack lies in its simplicity. JAMstack relies on modern JavaScript frameworks and static site generators to build blazing-fast websites, which makes the difference in how well Google perceives a website. In fact, with Jamstack, many mention getting perfect scores on Google PageSpeed Insights.
Besides, JAMstack-powered static sites can be sourced with data from pretty much anywhere. From locally-stored markdown files to Google Sheets, to a headless CMS.
On the other hand, JAMstack keeps every concern separate, which enables marketing teams and developers to adopt a best-of-breed solution for each problem, giving teams almost infinite scalability.
So, JAMstacks brings improved performance, greater security, scalability, and it’s cost-effective, but what are the limitations to its adoption?

What Does JAMstack-ready Mean?

In a nutshell, a JAMstack-ready CMS is a CMS that makes content available via API, and that’s ready to plug into the JS-powered frontend. That means that a JAMstack-ready CMS is built on an API architecture from the beginning.
However, not every Java-based CMS is JAMstack-ready. To be entirely JAMstack-ready, a CMS needs to be based on client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and prebuilt Markup for building websites and apps.

Limitations to JAMstack Adoption

For content teams that are often less technically oriented, JAMstack can be challenging to master. Similarly, if you’re trying to add dynamic content features, chances are that you’ll end up requiring a third-party solution. By the same token, significant alterations of the presentation layer would need a developer.
Let’s take a closer look at the roadblocks to JAMstack adoption.

Difficult Content Authoring

Expecting non-technical content authors to write in markup is unrealistic, especially in a world where other feature-rich CMSs focus on simplifying content authoring. However, markup is not the sole culprit. Content relationships are also one place where JAMstack sites struggle, especially when it comes to relationships between pages or collections of assets.

Dynamic Content

In most cases, when leveraging JAMstack, if you need to add shopping carts, feedback forms, or comments, you need to add additional services to your stack, which could jeopardize your security or the stability of the site if you need to render dynamic content. This reliance in third-parties can create dependencies because you can’t fully control downtime of third-parties.

Managing Media Without a CMS Can Be a Pain

In almost all cases, managing content without a dedicated CMS can be hard. In JAMstack, if you decide to upload markdown directly to your site and link images, you’ll have a hard time because you’ll have to do all the media management yourself. A headless CMS eases your load and helps you focus on what really matters. This is particularly important if you decide to choose a website builder that doesn’t have built-in media management like Ghost.

What do you think about these roadblocks?

Here is one way to approach them: focus on human experience and editor tools :)
read more:
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2020.09.11 20:51 Monique007 What's GrooveFunnels?

Online marketing might be quite a hassle when you don’t know the place to start. The price of buying all that you want and paying your team might be very expensive at instances, more so with the ever-growing demands.
GrooveFunnels is an all-in-one software that takes care of all of these for you. It's comprised of several digital marketing instruments that can aid you as an entrepreneur to simply handle and stay ahead of your game. This means that you can concentrate on different areas of your work to enable you to realize high returns. It is a product of the Groove Digital Inc. Right here is the in-depth relevant information to allow you to know more about it.
What are the options?
As mentioned earlier, it consists of a group of instruments to help you do your work best. Some are already within the market while others are still work in progress to make sure that they're finely tuned to fulfill users’ calls for and expectations. These include:
This is a website and funnel builder. It allows you to build the site of your choice without writing any code. As such, you don’t need to fret about having coding experience or the time and energy it takes to write an environment-friendly code. It is as straightforward as utilizing the drag-and-drop feature. It also uses Amazon servers which are robust and reliable. In addition, the latest applied sciences that it implements permit for quick loading and mobile-friendliness. Thus it is optimized for search engines like google and can enable your pages to get high rankings.
This is a complete email autoresponder tool. It allows you to send follow-ups emails and broadcasts which include text and voice. When dealing with large plenty which is usually the case in digital marketing, you'll be able to set automated responses to default emails. Additionally, it allows you to mail 25000 contacts without any fees once you're on a paid subscription. For new ventures, this is a progress opportunity as it lets you create and maintain a valuable email list for free. It integrates with different common mailing platforms too therefore providing interoperability.
Permits for hosting and live streaming of webinars. Nonetheless, it is only available for platinum subscription.
Using this software, you may sell your products and services on-line with a lot of ease. It doesn't charge any transaction or month-to-month charges and means that you can use your unusual accounts comparable to PayPal. Right here you can sell anything from software applications, speeches, articles, and so on. It is attainable to create upsells, downsells, check out pages, and an affiliate platform. Affiliates may check out your merchandise and promote them via the Clickbank.
This is an affiliate platform that permits marketers to promote sellers’ goods. You automatically become an affiliate on signing up to make use of the software. As a Platinum subscriber, you obtain a forty% recurring commission and 10% for tier 2. This tool may be very simple to use as it has a person-pleasant interface owing to its wonderful design. The dashboard helps you keep track of particulars resembling your fee and referrals. There isn't any transaction charge charged for selling.
It enables you to hold out transactions in a restricted group having only those that you allow. It is integrated with GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate tools thus you possibly can nonetheless conduct your selling and affiliate tasks with ease.
It supports each upload and hosting. With this, you'll be able to add tags, split movies, do analytics, and much more. It also enables you to share your videos on social media therefore facilitating wide coverage. Subsequently, it is likely one of the greatest marketing instruments available out there.
This is predicted to be launched in the near future. It is aimed at creating an in-built assist desk for the management of transactions in an environment-friendly manner.
It helps you manage your occasions well by permitting you to keep track of scheduled conferences, appointments, or another session of interest. You can even synchronize it with GrooveMail to ship computerized responses primarily based on the future makes an attempt to contact you.
With this, you can be able to create and put up your weblog contents be it audio, video, or articles. It's a great way to market your model digitally.
When promoting your sales it is vital that you also get clients’ feedback to be able to make the necessary improvements. Doing so helps you address their points effectively. This instrument will allow you to do just that for your sites and products. Collectively with GrooveQuiz, you'll be able to get the related feedback data that you simply require.
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2020.09.11 18:43 Kumarraorai Data Science Course Training Institute Ameerpet Hyderabad

The courses are delivered by very certified and skilled trainers, who provided excellent studying expertise. The programs are accessible via the Simplilearn App for any time entry. Data Scientist is among the hottest professions.IBM predicts the demand for Data Scientists will rise by 28% by 2020.

Under the steerage of the Mayaz Bridge faculty members and industry consultants, students will be having common lab periods where they'll apply and practice real-time situations and concepts. We have greater than 30 profoundly technoscientifically data scientists who trade with our consulting and R&D on weekdays along with instructing and training during the PGP programs on weekends. Our Data Scientists are extremely certified and have a minimum of Masters as their highest qualification.

It may also encourage you to construct your public profile and contribute to web sites such as Kaggle, GitHub, StackOverflow, and so forth. The knowledge evaluation course in Ameerpet Hyderabad is for anyone having the zeal to learn this subject.

The Job duty of a knowledge scientist includes various machine learning instruments such as suggestion engines or automated lead scoring techniques. Implementing information science together with machine learning determines probably the most vital elements to boost the success of the provision chain and transforms their space to become functionally productive. Combining information science with machine learning patterns will reform every phase of supply chain platforms.

The gaming industry is immeasurably escalating its development, thereby enlarging increasingly information to be processed. Complex computations and algorithms full an exploratory knowledge analysis to chart out the best configuration, serving to the gamer proceed to the following stage. It additionally notifies the gamer about any crash that's about to occur whereas playing and notifies the detected bugs that don't let them move ahead in a game.

Data Science is likely one of the applications utilizing Python Programming. No firm will rent just with the information on programming languages. Are you listening to the lessons by having 50+ students round ???

Through behavioral insights and AI insights, knowledge science might enormously maximize revenues in this worldwide entertaining industry. His position is to analyze data from completely different angles, decide what it means after which suggest methods to use that data. They make use of subtle analytics programs, machine learning, and statistical strategies to organize information to be used in predictive and prescriptive modeling. VLR Training supplies data science and Machine Learning online Training in Hyderabad by Industry Expert Trainers.

We provide Machine Learning reside tasks to the students and in addition, Every day Data Science Recorded classes. As most of the IT corporations are absolutely loaded with data, safety and explosion issues are occurring regularly today. Every organization is moving in the direction of digitization and so they have realized the importance of knowledge which must be analyzed to explore varied helpful insights to realize an aggressive benefit. This analysis of information to make data-pushed choices is resulting in create enumerate job alternatives for the Data Scientists. Certification from reputed industries will add worth to your resume and to your efforts you have put in to gain the required important expertise pertaining to Data Science.

This course is ideal for aspirants across diverse backgrounds like math, engineering, commerce, and others and is residing in Hyderabad. Our college students are usually analysts, builders, managers, information architects, researchers, and other working professionals trying to advance in the subject of knowledge analytics. I was part of the Acadgilds information analytics course in Hyderabad through the section of the job shift. Their data analytics coaching in Ameerpet had helped me gain the competitive edge which is required for the job. The colleges at the knowledge analytics training institutes in Hyderabad had been educated and friendly.

This is creating a necessity for reputable information analytics training institutes in Hyderabad. To handle giant quantities of data, data scientists are required, who can deal with massive volumes of information; draw inferences, and generate spot trends upon the data. Our Institute is one of the greatest Institutes in Hyderabad, offering glorious data science online courses, together with residing tasks to make you a thoroughbred skilled.
ExcelR Raising Excellence Plot#27/A, Phase 2, behind Radison Hotel, Jayabheri Enclave, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana 500032 +919632156744
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2020.09.10 08:00 AniLyrics Best Career Resources

Top 10 Sites for your career
  1. LinkedIN
  2. Indeed
  3. Careerealism
  4. Job-Hunt
  5. JobBait
  6. Careercloud
  7. GM4JH. com
  8. Talentsjobs. in
  9. Jibberjobber
  10. Glassdoor
Top 10 Tech Skills in demand in 2020:
  1. Machine Learning
  2. Mobile Development
  3. SEO/SEM Marketing
  4. Data Visualization
  5. Data Engineeringj
  6. UI/UX Design
  7. Cyber-security
  8. Cloud Computing/AWS
  9. Blockchain
  10. IOT
Top 10 Sites for Free Online Education:
  1. Coursera
  2. edX
  3. Khan Academy
  4. Udemy
  5. iTunesU Free Courses
  6. MIT OCW
  7. Stanford Online
  8. Codecademy
  9. Open Culture Online Courses
Top 10 Sites to learn Excel for free:
  1. Microsoft Excel Help Center
  2. Excel Exposure
  3. Chandoo
  4. Excel Central
  5. Contextures
  6. Excel Hero
  7. Mr. Excel
  8. Improve Your Excel
  9. Excel Easy
  10. Excel Jet
Top 10 Sites to review your resume for free:
  1. Zety Resume Builder
  2. Resumonk
  3. Resume dot com
  4. VisualCV
  5. Cvmaker
  6. ResumUP
  7. Resume Genius
  8. Resumebuilder
  9. Resume Baking
  10. Enhancv
Top 10 Sites for Interview Preparation:
  1. Ambitionbox
  2. AceTheInterview
  3. Geeksforgeeks
  4. Leetcode
  5. Gainlo
  6. Careercup
  7. Codercareer
  8. InterviewUp
  9. InterviewBest
  10. Indiabix
Please comment if you know any other resources
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  3. First assignment on Udemy. by JFUZZYNUTS (2442 points, 434 comments)
  4. Taking an introductory web development course, and spent 20 minutes wondering why my hyperlink to the Menu page wasn't working. by XxbeancurdxX (2348 points, 341 comments)
  5. I just spent 3 days building this landing page. Most sites use video but I went one step further and replicated my entire chrome extension experience instead. Try it out! by kanga-bru (1296 points, 105 comments)
  6. Apple has backed down in its latest developer fight, apologizing to WordPress after it pressured the website builder to add in-app payments by konstantin_metz (1062 points, 310 comments)
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  10. Lighthouse recently updated and it hit my score, just got my site back into shape ;) by audionoobhelpme (786 points, 111 comments)

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2020.09.09 18:17 SNDBXMD Best provider for membership site which has unique user dashboards

Do you have any recommendations for builders/tools we could use for a membership site?
We have a developer who has built functionality whereby a user can connect their social media account and we then put the data they've granted us, into an SQL database.
We want members to be able to login and see their data presented in a dashboard.
What's the best way to do this?
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2020.09.07 20:31 ar_david_hh Sep/7/2020 news: \\ electric car imports skyrocket \\ inciting genocide = life sentence \\ tourist boulevard on Sevan shores \\ defamation law \\ EU deportations \\ anti-corruption busts \\ անճոռնի գորտը \\ March 1st statue & victims \\ COVID & economy \\ telecom & 5G \\ app: pick your doctor \\ ...

Parliament resumes the sessions after a lengthy break.

155-fold increase in electric vehicles / No VAT import tax

Nature Ministry wants you to drive electric, so they canceled import taxes on electric passenger cars last year.
Now they have a bill to waive taxes on 5-tons electric trucks. It's aimed at eliminating cargo trucks that leave a taste of gasoline in your mouth when they drive nearby. You know you felt it...
Imports of electric cars have gone from 12 in 2018, to 668 in 2H19, to 1863 in 1H20.

Armenia prepares to sign a deportee readmission agreement with EU

Parliament gave preliminary approval to sign an immigration agreement with Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria, and Luxemburg. It states that the Armenian govt will aid the process of accepting back illegal immigrants from those countries.
There is already such agreement with France, Estonia, and Czechia.
2020 became the first year when the govt agreed to aid the returning deportees with a $125/mo housing subsidy for 6 months.
97% of Armenian migrants don't get refugee status in the EU because the experts conclude they aren't persecuted in Armenia.

A warning before a ticket?

BHK party drafted a bill to issue a warning before giving a ticket to residents who violate COVID safety rules.Նախազգուշացում-իսկ-կրկնվելու-դեպքում-տուգանք․-առաջարկվում-է-փոխել-տուգանելու-մեխանիզմը/394269

Armenia prepares to criminalize incitement of genocide

Parliament gave preliminary approval to proceed with a law that would imprison people between 8 years to life imprisonment if they publicly encourage a genocide.
The severity of punishment depends on whether the perpetrators are a group of officials who used mass-media, or an individual who used lesser tools.

Defamation penalties could increase

Parliament gave preliminary approval to a QP bill that could increase the penalty for insult and defamation five-fold, making it $10k and $20k.
The author of the bill says the purpose is to reduce instances of people registering fake online accounts/outlets to spread slander and insults. It'll be discussed with other parties before a vote.
The union of journalists criticized the bill and said the excessively-high penalties could violate free speech by forcing to shut down media outlets.
The government also found the proposed penalties too harsh and suggested a $4k and $6k penalty instead.

Fake food production could become a crime

QP party drafted a bill to prohibit the production of "fake" food. There is already a law against dangerous fake alcohol, but the food is currently "unprotected".
Producers could face between a $415 fine to 5 years in prison (if someone dies).

10km tourist promenade across Lake Sevan shores / Who owns the lands?

On April we learned that the govt is working on a new 10km pedestrian boulevard across the shores of Lake Sevan, to attract tourists. Pashinyan created a group tasked with examining suitable lands and legal issues.
Hetq media outlet has also examined the high-profile owners of the lands near the area of the proposed promenade. Some of the buildings are illegal because they were built too close to the lake.
Nature Ministry sent noticed to thousands of property owners and urged them to remove their properties.

ex-Deputy Minister is arrested on corruption charges

The report says: // HHK Vahan Poghosyan served as Tuberculosis Center director and was earlier charged for a 2019 embezzlement, and released on $10k bail.
Later, more corruption was found during his 2015-2016 activities. A decision was made to arrest him.
Being the chief coordinator of the anti-tuberculosis and HIV fight in Armenia, including the manager of the aid received by the U.S., he colluded with other officials to embezzle $163,000.
He also registered fake employees and stole their salaries, and appropriated state property.
12 people are charged in a felony case. //

2018 Constitutional Court (CC) hijacking trial

Context: HHK hijacked CC in 2018. They convinced CC's chief judge to resign by giving him a new job. With the CC chief's position being vacant, HHK decided to appoint their fellow MP Hrayr Tovmasyan as a judge.
The problem was, the new Constitution was supposed to activate soon and HHK wouldn't have enough time to appoint and approve.
To make it work, two HHK officials allegedly falsified documents and dates to fit the deadlines. The two officials are Ara Babloyan and Arsen Babayan. They were charged with a felony in 2019.
Today was their trial. The court deliberated on the level of personal movement restrictions on defendants.
The prosecutors agreed to allow Ara Babloyan to travel abroad, citing his good behavior and his new job.
As for Arsen Babayan, prosecutors wanted the restrictions to remain in place, but the court struck them down.
P.S. Arsen Babayan is the HHK official who recently joined ex-NSS chief Arthur Vanetsyan to form the Hayreniq Party.

Corruption bust / Yerevan's Green department

The report says: officials working at the capital's Green department were busted with negligently allowing, and in some instances purposely aiding, a $23k embezzlement involving a company that was hired to work for the city a few months ago.
A felony case is launched.

անճոռնի գորտը

Residents of Gyumri raised the alarm after discovering a construction in a historic-cultural building. Someone decided to build a tasteless 2nd floor on top of the historic building.
The municipality says the construction was unauthorized and suspended it. They summoned the builder for questioning.
The owner of the building claims it's not illegal because the law allows "light construction", and that they need to build the extra floor "to have a roof".

March 1st, 2008 victims & their lawyers won't attend court trials

March 1st victims: Now that the preliminary stage is over and the court has entered a lengthy beurocratic process, during which the judge chooses to only exercise powers against victims and not Robik and Co-defendants, we see no purpose to attend these sessions that are accompanied with human rights violations.
(Prosecutors will continue their case against Robik & Co)

March 1st memorial statue is being crafted

At the request of Yerevan municipality, sculptor Albert Vardanyan from Gyumri has been working on a bronze monument to commemorate the victims of the 2008 murders.
The initial model is made out of clay which will be further treated before being sent to a Yekaterinburg foundry for metal coating.
The location of the new monument will be decided soon. Its proposed location and design received some criticism.

Amulsar miner accuses LHK of helping hooligans

Lydian gold miner released footage showing how presumably environmental activists threw rocks at their cars and properties during the night. They claim LHK MPs met the activists earlier that day, which was followed by the attack.

COVID vs economy

Fewer sales receipts were printed in August YoY, while the trade turnover -12%.
For the January-August period, the trade turnover -10%.

Largest-ever COVID-compliance audit in Yerevan

Inspectors sent 24 groups across the capital to check businesses for safety compliance. 7% of businesses failed the test and were temporarily shut down. That's down from a typical 60% fail-rate that occurred at the beginning of the pandemic.

Ukraine upgrades Armenia's COVID-safety score

Due to the falling infection rates, Ukraine placed Armenia in the "green" zone. Those who visit Ukraine will no longer have to quarantine themselves as long as they spent the past 2 weeks exclusively in Armenia or other similar "green" countries.
Visitors still need a COVID health insurance.

364 people were flown to Russia with special flights

They join the list of 8,000 people who managed to travel from Armenia to Russia during the pandemic.

the British Science Association

... will be led by Lord Ara Darzi this year. Darzi, a professor at Denham, is the son of Armenian genocide survivors who fled to Iraq. His medical department is specialized in robotic surgeries.

Armenian fortress is revealed after Van lake levels drop

Old Archesh (Turkish "Chelebibag") fortress was built during the Van kingdom. It went underwater in the 1800s due to the rise of lake levels. A recent drought caused the lake to drop by 2 meters and exposed the fortress again.
A Turkish archaeologist wants to renovate it and turn it into a tourist site.

Armenia ratifies Lanzarote Convention

Armenia becomes the 47th state to approve the Lanzarote convention aimed at protecting children from sexual exploitation and abuse. It'll go into effect on June 1, 2021.

Forbes writes about Gucci's Armenian model

"Who Is Armine Harutyunyan And How Did She Become A Victim of Body-Shaming In Italy?"

Middle Eastern Armenians Add Some “Nefes” to Yerevan’s Culture

A documentary about the diasporans' restaurants in Yerevan.

Border villages in Tavush

Pashinyan visited Chinari village where he thanked the residents of Tavush province for bringing victories during July battles by "standing firmly behind our soldiers."
12 Chinari houses have been renovated after sustaining Azeri fire in July.
The PM reminded residents about a new law that doubled the monthly aid to $105/mo for working mothers in villages, and introduced a $55/mo aid for unemployed mothers.
Another border city Berd will have a newly renovated Handicraftsman College soon. ,

Corruption bust / ex-soccer chief Nemets Rubo's company

The report says: between 2013-2019, the director of HFF's Technical Center department colluded with HFF chief HHK MP Nemets Rubo's "Noralusin" company to embezzle funds.
The officials claimed they cooperated with Rubo's company to send kids to its summer camp. No camping services were provided but the company charged $205,000.
A felony case is launched against the directors of HFF Technical Center and Rubo's Noralusin company.

Telecom industry news / 5G / 4G+

UCOM ISP doesn't have plans to implement 5G any time soon. They don't see a need or a clear advantage for the consumers, yet.
UCOM criticized the new startup ISP "TEAMS" for poaching 400 of its employees, 90% of whom were highly skilled techies and managers. (it happened after UCOM founder left the company over a dispute and others followed him)
Beeline ISP has modernized dozens of towers in Yerevan to boost 4G speeds from ~150 to 450mbps.

New rules to catch fish in Lake Sevan

Nature Ministry is tweaking the restrictions on Sevan fishing, which are meant to protect baby fish and general population count.
Fishing will be allowed in the Small Sevan section, too. That adds an additional 8 locations to the current 17.
The smallest fish can weigh 400g instead of 500g.
The overall limit was raised to 300 tons.
Fishers are given 2 more weeks to obtain a seasonal permit. Dozens of lake rangers will monitor fishers for compliance.

PostEuropa stamp competition

Armenia has entered the "Ancient Postal Routes" European competition for the best postal stamp. It presents a stamp depicting Old Gyumri which used to be Armenia's number-one political and cultural hub in the 1⁹th century.
You can vote for your favorite by Wednesday here:

Byurakan International Summer School

The observatory is hosting online classes this week about astronomy and data science. There will be lectures and demonstrations.
The first school session was organized by Viktor Hambardzumyan in 1987. In 2006 the observatory resumed the practices and holds it every two years.

New website lets you find the right doctor

Healthcare Ministry launched a new free tool that allows you to browse all the available doctors in your area, read their biographies, read reviews left by other patients, learn the strengths and weaknesses, and schedule an appointment online.
There are also Android and iOS apps.

In case you missed the Sunday report

You can skip the Kardashian part, per popular demand ;)
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Disclaimer & Terminology

1) The accused are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, even if they sound guilty.
2) Currency in Armenian ֏ unless specified otherwise.
3) NSS/SIS/SOC = law enforcement agencies. QP = Civil Contract Party. LHK = Bright Armenia Party. BHK = Prosperous Armenia Party. HHK = Republican Party. ARF = Armenian Revolutionary Federation Party
4) ARCHIVE of older posts by Idontknowmuch: PART 1 ; PART 2 ; PART 3 ; PART 4 ; PART 5.
5) ARCHIVE of older posts by Armeniapedia.
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2020.09.07 11:37 Prodrones AI Vision with Drone Inspections

AI Vision with Drone Inspections

The development and application of the drone technology enables a futuristic AI vision that is easy, fast and less costly than any other options. The telecommunications, energy, public safety and security are the various sectors that are reaping the benefits from using smart drones and their varied applications.
The data collected from a professional drone inspection can be uploaded to any digital platform and the client can be tagged to it. The feedback derived from the inspection will help in improving the future performances as well. This mode of deployment will help the client to keep his brain in the cloud across all high edges.
Processing Drone Data
Before the introduction of smart drones in the construction arena, manned aerial imaging was deployed to gather data, which had proved to be sometimes inaccurate and unbelievably expensive. In order to reduce the risk factor, increase efficiency and to save precious time and money, construction inspection is being carried out with the latest drone technology.
This innovation in the construction industry is helping the builders in reducing wastage of resources, highly optimizing their construction operations, which in turn helps the projects stay on track and finish on time. The data gathered from a smart drone can be accessed virtually by a client anywhere through the cloud.
Creating a Safer Environment
The dangerous and hard-to-reach places or high rise inspections can be carried on easily, efficiently and quickly using smart drones, thus creating a safer environment for the human work force. The aerial imagery from drones is recorded in high quality and the live updates can assist in tracking and monitoring the productivity in both small scale and large-scale construction projects. The comprehensive data collected by the drones help in the modeling and site planning of the construction projects. At every phase of the construction project, the builders can identify the opportunities and challenges that the terrain presents before them and plan accordingly.
Mapping and Thermal Imaging
By assisting in the inspections of bridges, buildings, railroads, roadways, cell towers, roofs, cooling towers, solar and wind farms and oil and gas infrastructures, drones have assisted in mapping and formulating the layout of these projects. By conducting topographic surveys and the geo-spatial data collected, the companies can identify the obstacles while creating the three-dimensional maps. The data collected is accurate, precise and flexible for the client’s use. Within a fraction of time as it would take a manual survey, a thermographic home inspection with a smart drone would quickly be able to detect the leaks and faulty structures on the property with no energy loss.
The professional drone solution providers are supporting the construction companies with their personalized support and unmatched expertise in the field. Their certified drone pilots have the specialized knowledge and experience across all the flying platforms, the sensors, the software, cameras and the entire industry by large.
Professional Drone Solutions has a global network of hundreds of drone pilots and state of the art imaging technology to provide custom tailored drone inspections to various industries in Florida.
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2020.09.07 05:03 The_Fluxbender Anyone know a good 'Google Slides'/website builder tool to manage world project data?

I've been using Office OneNote to keep track of my project for years. It worked really well back when the world/series was small, but now that it matured the amount of data has become almost unmanageable. I think it's time to move on to some type of website/shareable format.
Google Slides was almost perfect for what I had in mind except for three things:
  1. Page resizing is across the whole presentation, instead of size-by-page
  2. Can't tile or resize background images
  3. Doesn't seem to be a way to categorize pages
I need something that does everything Google Slides does, but with those three missing features.
Why something like Google Slides? Because .GIFs animate in real-time and it is very easy to place images (just 'upload from computer').
I had issues with site builders where they wanted you to upload each image before placing it. That method is extremely impractical if you have hundreds of images.
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2020.09.07 04:15 SkinnyLoveLatte Suddenlink getting Internet service started

Hello, hoping someone can shed some light on this matter.
I’ve been trying to get Suddenlink to setup fiber Internet on a new home. The community has a contract with Suddenlink and is the only ISP here. My neighbors have Suddenlink setup, next to me and across the street.
I spoke with Suddenlink and as per their instruction requested Internet services 2 weeks prior to moving into my home to give them time to setup. My internet installation date came and in home tech could not perform his work. First, the issue was no cabling is done, fine wait for another week for cabling dispatch. Outside cabling guys show up and say the pipe that passes underground from the amplifer (excuse my old school terminology) across the street to the tap in front of my home is pinched. They need construction to come out and reconstruct the pipe. Keep in mind my neighbor uses the same pipe and tap to have fiber at his home, so it’s not completely inoperable.
The next 2 weeks I’m trying to explain to the telephone agents to send out a construction crew. Instead they send out the cabling crew and in home technicians, who show up twice more, once with an excavator and then leave without doing anything.
I was able to escalate to a supervisor from tech support/telephone agent side who was able to email the dispatch team. Another dispatch is requested and waited another week. I call to see what’s going on and the cabling guys seem like they’re tired of dispatching and labeled my home “not serviceable.” So the technical support team tells me my home is not serviceable. I talk to the community master planner & builder they inform me that this area is contractually serviceable. Meaning Suddenlink by law has to provide services.
I call back to telephone tech support at Suddenlink and disagree with their assessment as my neighbor has Suddenlink and this newly developed area had a bid for ISP which Suddenlink won. So Suddenlink is contractually required to setup Internet here. So the tech support/telephone support team sends out a supervisor dispatch request to assess the situation. I meet the supervisor’s dispatch tech who surveys the site and agrees it’s a serviceable location and that a pipe needs to be reconstructed. I ask when the construction & cabling can happen and I can get Internet setup, he tells me within 3 business days. This was one week ago. Meanwhile a in home technician is dispatched and is unable to perform his work.
I call back after 5 business days pass and telephone tech support informs me no SRO was opened for construction. I request they look at the account history before making any moves as they are trying to get rid of me on the phone and again do a blind cabling & in home tech request. They end up agreeing that in home tech cannot perform duties unless construction is done first. I get another wait for 7-10 business days for construction SRO. Now I’m checking status on SRO for construction every 3 days but I’m given the runaround.
I don’t understand what’s going on there, it seems like the departments don’t speak to each other. There is no special escalation team that handles more complex issues. The dispatch team and tech support team don’t communicate efficiently, wasting a lot of Suddenlink’s money on empty dispatches. Tech support team only has one channel of communication with dispatch team. I think it doesn’t help that everyone else is a contractor, as no one has taken ownership of this case.
I’m hitting a wall here. As I work from home and need Internet to do my work. I even tried switching my cell phone carrier to get a better hotspot data plan & reception but it’s not enough as I constantly drop from my meetings.
Anyone here have any pointers on how to deal with this?
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Best website builder for 2020: Squarespace, Wix and more ...

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  2. How to Backup your Website Files Using the Backup Option in cPanel
  3. GoDaddy Website Builder 2020 [How To Build A ... - YouTube
  4. Adding a Contact Form to Your Site with Site Builder
  5. Building a Mobile App with Database in 5 Minutes - YouTube
  6. Building a Website with SiteBuilder
  7. The Top 6 Website Builders! [2019] - YouTube
  8. Web Form Builder - 123FormBuilder - Product Tour - YouTube
  9. How to import excel spreadsheets into R
  10. Wrapping your text around an image in SiteBuilder.

If you want visitors to reach you and send feedback, comments or questions, you need a contact mechanism, and Site Builder allows you to drag and drop this form right onto your business website ... Quick tutorial on how to get started building a professional looking website using the SiteBuilder templating tool. This tool comes free of charge with all website hosting subscriptions at Apptix. 123FormBuilder is an online form builder that helps any business to create a variety of web forms and surveys without coding. Collect data and optimize inter... Easily add images to your website using GoDaddy’s Website Builder 7. Find out about more great features at: ... NEW VIDEO, UPDATED FOR 2020 — Squarespace: GoDaddy Website Builder 2020 - How To Build A Website On Godaddy 😍 Web Hosting Coupon Link Here ⬇️ • Websites are the... R and Excel: Making Your Data Dumps Pretty with XLConnect - Duration: 14:49. Manuel Amunategui 14,082 views. 14:49. Basic Data Analysis in RStudio - Duration: 25:56. Learn how to wrap your text around an image in SiteBuilder, your very own drag and drop website builder. How to Create a Backup using the cPanel Creating a backup for your website is a critical task that should always be part of managing your website. You should not rely on a hosting company backup ... This video shows how to build a mobile app connected to an API backend (cloud database) in 5 minutes.